Buka Stew
Semolina cake
Native Jollof  rice (concoction)
Nutriblast Smoothie
Vegetable Chicken Curry
Ogbono soup
Toasted Cake
Sponge Cake
Puff Puff
Egusi Ijebu
Oven-baked Fish
Nigerian Meat Pie
Efo riro
Chilli con carne
Asun (spicy smoked goat meat)
Ila asepo (Okro soup)

Welcome to K’s Cuisine



This website provides a glimpse into K’s Cuisine foodie world and journey as we grow not just as a brand but a legacy. You can get to know what we do better in the “about” section.

This site is centred around K’s blog but contains other contents as well. Take a look around. You can use the link on the menus or browse from the below options:



On my blog is where i share my cooking experience, recipes, food pictures, kitchen tips, tricks and many more. I use this space in uplifting Nigerian food, recipe development, traditional and modern day Nigerian cooking. I share inspirations, thoughts, lessons, ideas and stories

Akara in a hole


Whether you’re a beginner in the art of cooking and wanting to learn, you are just interested in doing it another way or you love cooking you will sure pick up useful hints and tips. To Browse hundreds of my creative and traditional recipes, click HERE




K’s Cuisine Nigerian Restaurant a fine dining restaurant located in London is a modern and stylish place where in a relaxed atmosphere we can make your lunch and dinner a pleasurable experience.


Whether it’s a private dinner, birthday celebration or business meeting, our restaurant is perfect for the occasion. We look forward to welcoming you for the K’s Cuisine experience. To make reservations click HERE, For restaurant gallery click HERE and for restaurant takeaway menu click HERE




 Be it small event, dinner party or big party, K’s Cuisine can cater for your events. For more information about catering services, private chef and cooking classes, send me a mail at info@kscuisine.com or call 07437813403.





When I am not cooking, I find time to bake. However, at this time I am unable to make cakes for members of the public.


This priviledge is limited to friends and families for now. In future, I might consider extending this service to members of the public. To view gallery of Cakes by K’s Cuisine click HERE.

Cakes by K's Cuisine




On our shopping page you can buy our range of spices and seasonings, bakes and snacks.


Our products are made with very fresh ingredients, carefully sourced, produced and packed under high hygenic conditions. We do not compromise on quality and satisfaction is guaranteed with our product range. To shop K’s Cuisine range of products click HERE



Thank you for being here and a part of K’s Cuisine journey. For further information or enquiries, email info@kscuisine.com or contact me HERE

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