Akara – Bean cake

Akara is also known as bean cake, bean balls and acaraje (Portuguese) . This is a common breakfast in most Nigerian homes. I remember back in Nigeria the different types of akara sold. The ones fried with vegetable oil, the ones of Palmoil and also a special one called akara kengbe’ fried with Palmoil. Akara goes with almost everything. You can eat with bread, yam, pap, custard, etc..It can also serve as snack or even a light dinner. It is rich in protein.

INGREDIENTS (4 servings)

1 (400g) tin of Brown beans or white black eyed beans

2 scotch bonnet/ habanero

1 Bell pepper

1 Brown or red onion

Vegetable, sunflower or palmoil for frying

1 Maggi cube



*Peel the beans. The easiest way of doing this is by using blender. click HERE to know how to peel beans using blender.

*Blend the peeled beans with the scotch bonnet, bell pepper and onion. It’s important you do not add too much water to blend as what you want is a thick paste for the akara so blend with as little water as possible.

*Pour the blended beans in a bowl, add the maggi cube and salt to taste and mix thoroughly.


If you like the inside of your akara fluffy, then use a mixer and whip for 10minutes. I personally don’t bother with this process as I like my akara just fine how it comes out without the mixing.

*Pour the vegetable,sunflower or palmoil in a frying pan and put on the cooker. You need it deep fried so make sure you have enough oil in the frying pan.

When the oil is heated start scooping in the bean paste. For this i usually use a small cooking spoon which is just slightly bigger than a tablespoon.

To know if your oil is heated enough drop a tiny bit of the paste in the oil. If it floats to the top then the oil is ready .

*It’s important not to scoop too many in the oil at a go because doing that will drop the temperature of the oil.

When a side is done, flip to the other side.

Fry both sides till it’s brown and when done remove from oil and put on a paper towel to get rid of excess oil.

Serve with pap (ogi) or custard. It can also be eaten with bread. On this occasion I had mine with pap😉 .




Bon appetit😊