Buka style stew

I call this buka style stew because this is how most of the bukas cook their stew for selling food like amala, pounded yam, Eba and semo. Oh yes! i have visited quite a large number of bukas while living in Nigeria especially the popular ones in Ibadan then..from inastrate to yakoyo to ojunrin,etc covers face . I grew up eating this type of stew not only because I used to visit bukas a lot then but because this was how my mum always cooked her meat stew. It was like Daraprim the every Sunday medicine.lol..😄 my mum would cook up a big pot of this stew every Sunday afternoon, dish some up for my dad to take with him to where he worked Monday-Thursday and we were left to eat the remaining stew which would last for about 3days.We always had this stew with ewedu and amala every Sunday afternoons. How I miss those days☺️

I have made few changes to my mum’s recipe though. For one, My mum always cooked hers with the addition of snail and few pieces of stock fish (Panla) but I rarely use these two in mine because of how scarce and pricey they are here in the UK. So by all means if you can, use in yours.


6 scotch bonnet (rodo)

4 large size bell peppers

2 (400g) tin plum tomatoes

1 brown onion

1 small size red onion (chopped)

Beef and assorted meats (shaki, ponmo, kidney, etc )

2 Maggi cubes




*Boil the beef and assorted meat. Boil the offals seperately.

*Blend the scotch bonnet, bell peppers, tomatoes and brown onion.

*Heat palmoil in a pot and add the chopped red onions

Leave the onions to fry for a minute then add the blended pepper and maggi cubes.


Cover the pot and let the pepper cook for 10minutes.

When you open the pot the stew would have thickened and reduced in quantity


Stir the stew, add the beef stock and salt to taste and add beef and assorted meats. The stew shouldn’t be too thick at this time as it would have been diluted by the beef stock.


Cover the pot back and let it cook for another 10-15minutes.

Open the pot, stir the stew, turn off the cooker and leave the stew open to cool.


Enjoy your buka style stew😊

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  1. Hello

    Am loving your blog.. It’s making me want to start cooking as a hobby 😀

    Please which one is brown onion? Is it the white one?

  2. I have gotten so used to cooking my stew with groundnut oil, i forgot the special flavor of using palm oil. Thanks for reminding me

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