How to peel beans using blender

One good day about four years ago during ramadan, I was chatting on phone with my cousin on how I felt like breaking my fast with moin moin and pap but couldn’t be bothered with the task of peeling beans. I had been using bean powder but using bean powder never gave the result peeled beans give so I had stopped using bean powder by then.

Well my cousin went how is peeling beans a task? 5minutes and you’re done.

Me : habaa..Mosunnn! 5minutes bawo.

Her: ehn now. Haven’t you been introduced to the blender method?

At this point I was confused and asked her what blender method and she went ahead and described what and how to go about it.

It sounded too good to be true and I was sceptical but she told me that was the method she’s been using for months. I immediately got up from where I was lying down and ran to the kitchen. The doubting Thomas in me made me caution myself and try it out with small quantity of beans that even if it all went wrong i wouldn’t be pained. Lol.

So readers, find below the easy steps to peeling beans with blender.


Soak the beans in water for 3 minutes. (not longer than the time stated please). I usually just put the dry beans in my blender, add water and wait for 3 minutes.

Pour the beans into the blender and add water to cover the beans. For example if the beans stand on the 400ml mark , the water should be at the 1200ml mark. It is also important not to overload the blender so if you want to peel large quantity, do it in batches.


Now turn on to the lowest button of your blender for 2 seconds and stop. Repeat this two more times.


The shaft would have separated from the beans by now so all you need to do after this is to pour the beans into a bowl and rinse.


See how clean the beans is? all it takes is about 5minutes. No more breaking of back to peel beans! 😊

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27 thoughts on “How to peel beans using blender

  1. Amazing work you’re doing here. So looking forward to the weekend. I’m trying out the Agege Bread, Meatpie and MoinMoin recipes.

      1. So I made the Agege Bread and Meat pie today and both came out absolutely FANTASTIC! Thanks ever so much for providing these recipes. I normally don’t like following instructions, but followed both recipes to the T! Really appreciate it. 🙂 God Bless.

  2. OMG! It worked. I’m a mother of 3 very young babies…yes, a 17month old son and 4months old twin girls so I’m very busy being a mom. But I still create time to cook for my DH. I’ve been craving moin moin for a while now that I’m sure DH is about to tell me to shut up…lol(no he won’t) and then I came across your page via facebook. And voila, my answer to a rigorous and dreaded part of a meal I love so much…thank you and your cousin


    1. Awww… Good to hear Oluwatoyin and tanx for the feedback.Now You can eat moin moin anytime u like.Wow! Being a mum of 2 children under 3yrs myself I know what it takes not to talk of 3 under 2yrs..Welldone you!

  3. Folakemi, blender method is the easiest way of peeling beans . I don’t think grater will work. Another way is to soak the beans for longer and use hand to rub the beans together and peel.

      1. Kscuisine u are such a sweetheart. I just tried this blender method of peeling beans and it worked. God bless u and ur cousin for revealing this secret

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