Doughnuts are not the healthiest of snacks but they are yummy and come in different varieties. Round doughnuts, ring dougnuts, jam filled, sugar coated, icing name it! Lol.

This recipe is yeast based. I also have one that does not call for yeast which I’ll be posting on the blog later.

INGREDIENTS (15- 16 mini doughnuts)

250g flour

30g sugar

20g butter or margarine (softened)

1 packet (7g) fast action yeast

1 teaspoon salt

1 egg

80ml milk

Vegetable or sunflower oil for frying


In a mixing bowl, put flour, salt, sugar , yeast and mix well.

Heat the milk, add butter and let it cool to lukewarm. Add this mixture and egg to the flour mixture and stir thoroughly with hand to form a dough.


Place the dough on a lightly floured surface and knead well for 5minutes or till it’s smooth and elastic.

Put the dough back in the bowl, cover with a damp cloth and leave to rise for 35 minutes.


Roll out the dough thinly like about 1/2 inch in thickness and cut with a doughnut cutter. Place the cut outs on a lightly greased baking tray. When you’ve used up the dough, cover the tray with cling film and leave it to rise for 30minutes. Don’t let the cling film touch the dough.



*If you don’t have doughnut cutter you can use a small round bowl to cut and use a smaller round bowl to cut a hole in the circle. You can also use cookie cutter for variety of shapes. I used different shapes of cookie cutter.

Heat oil in a deep pan and fry. You can also use a deep fryer. The oil should be hot to about 180c.

K’s Cuisine tip: Use a small deep pot. That way you won’t have to pour large quantity of sunflower oil to fry.

You can also test the oil temperature by dropping a little piece of the dough in the hot oil. If the dough rises up immediately then the oil is ready.

Fry two at a time, place on kitchen towel and leave to cool.


If you want Jam doughnuts simply pierce the doughnuts at the side with the tip of a knife and squeeze in jam.


You can sprinkle sugar on the doughnuts, you can also glaze with icing sugar by mixing a little water with icing sugar and brushing it on the doughnuts with a pastry brush.You can even coat I chocolate.. Like I said earlier doughnuts comes in varieties😊

I didn’t have icing sugar at home and was too lazy to go to the stores so i simply just mixed a little water with granulated sugar, using a pastry brush, i coated the doughnuts.

In the spirit of valentine, I made heart shaped doughnuts. If you’re dining in you can serve this as dessert and if dining out why not a quick snack before going out?😊 Doughnuts

Heart shaped doughnut
Heart shaped doughnut
Heart shaped doughnuts
Heart shaped doughnuts

…and while loving up don’t forget the kids . Here’s a fun shape for them


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