Moin Moin

Moin moin (bean paste pudding) is made from peeled blended beans. This was one of my dad’s favourite meal. While growing up, I never saw my mum cook moin moin for the house with vegetable oil ( party ones where with vegetable oil) It had to be palmoil and there must be crayfish in it ( not grounded). That was how my dad loved it and that was how my mum cooked it. Good wife eh? Wait till you read this dad liked his moin moin  coming straight from the pot while the pot of moin moin is still on heat and no! you can’t put two in a plate at a time. We used to go to the pot to bring to him one at a time till he’s had his fill after which we would then take the remaining moin moin off the cooker. Good childhood memories😊. Find below how I cook moin moin.


300g beans (white or brown black eyed beans)

1 scotch bonnet

1 red pepper ( This determines the colour so if you want a very rich colour use 2)

1 brown onion

3-4 maggi cubes


1 medium size mackerel fish

1 cup crayfish

Eggs (optional)

4 cooking spoon sunflower oil or Palmoil or combination of both.


Peel the beans. The easiest way to do this is by using blender. Click HERE to see how to.

Cut, wash, season and boil the mackerel fish. Set the stock aside for use later and debone and shred the fish.

Blend the peeled beans with the scotch bonnet, red pepper and onion. Blend as smoothly as possible. That very smooth texture is difficult to get if like me you don’t have access to industrial blender but some home blenders do a good job at blending smoothly to an extent. You see, the grinding is the first major factor that determines the texture of Moin Moin. What you should aim for is a very smooth blending. Unfortunately on this occasion my blender didn’t do a good job of it.oh well..


Not smooth enough
Not smooth enough

Using electric mixer, mix the blended beans till fluffy. This will take roughly 5-10minutes. This is the second determinant of the texture. If you want very fluffy Moin Moin don’t skip on this part.


Note the change in texture?
Note the change in texture?

If using palmoil, heat the palmoil in a pan and leave to cool  to lukewarm. Heating the palmoil prevents curdling or raw taste of palmoil in moin moin.

Dissolve the maggi in 1/2 cup of hot water and leave to cool.

To the blended beans add the dissolved maggi, the fish stock from mackerel, salt to taste, crayfish and mix well.

Add water to have a not too thick mixture. This part is another important determinant of the end result moin moin. You do not want a stone hard Moin Moin or one you will be scooping like water😀.  I can’t stand hard Moin moin so I would rather have it too soft and open it to air to solidify than rocky one.


Add sunflower oil or palmoil or combination of both to the beans mixture.

That’s the mixture ready for cooking.


Layer the inside of your pot with from the leaves, add a little water and put a leaf on top.  If you don’t have that with your leaves as they don’t sell leaves with this in the UK find an alternative to base it. I use old baking pan for this.

Wash the leaves thoroughly in warm water.

Fold the leaf, put in the beans mixture put a portion of the mackerel and egg, seal leaf and place in the pot.

Repeat this process till you’ve used up the beans mixture (or run out of leaves like I did😁)


Cover the moin moin wraps in the pot with leaves to lock in steam before finally covering with the pot cover.


Check every 8-10 minutes to add water if dry till moin moin is cooked. This will take about an hour and the leaves would have changed colour.


Moin Moin is ready. It’s usually served with with Eko/Agidi , bread , garri, pap, custard.

Moin Moin

Moin Moin

The Plating picture was taken the second day. I am my father’s daughters😄. I also take it from the pot one at a time and eat straightaway while still very hot. To me, that’s the best way to eat moin moin😊

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  1. If using moin moin cans, can I cover the cans with foil paper to lock in the steam before covering with the pot cover?

  2. I made this last week and it tasted so good. I also prefer eating it on the 2nd day. The moinmoin leaves definitely gives it a better flavor, way better than cooking in foil packs.

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