Nigerian Meat Pie

Meat pie is a snack most Nigerian people love to eat. It’s filled with meat, carrot and potatoes. However, you can add other ingredients to this.

I’ve been baking meat pies a lot recently and this is because my first daughter and hubby likes eating it and yes I also do! coupled with the fact I am home a lot nowadays as i’m currently on maternity leave 🙂 . I pack this simple yet delicious and filling snack in my daughter’s lunch box and you can be sure if she doesn’t eat anything else, she’ll definitely eat the pie.

When I posted the Cinnamon rolls recipe,I mentioned how I rarely bake other than pies and cakes😄 it’s a good thing that I do atleast bake pies and cakes as my mum’s money in sending me to pastry class didn’t waste after all😄 . You see, my mum made sure we her children learnt some vocational training during every school summer holiday. That wasn’t much fun when all my mates were having fun travelling the Bless my mum as it’s obvious now she gave us one of the greatest gifts.

Anyway before I digress further let’s get back to meat pie. I have tried different recipes over the years for meat pie and this is how I like it best. Most Nigerian meatpie recipes I know calls for water in the dough but I don’t use it in mine. I also add egg to my dough. The result? delicious goodness! you’ll thank me later…lol.

Nigerian meatpies

 INGREDIENTS (6 large size pies)

For the dough:

500g Self raising flour

200g Butter or margarine

120ml Milk

2 Egg yolk

1 teaspoon Salt

1 teaspoon grounded nutmeg

For the filling ( fills 12 large pies-you can store in freezer for future use):

2 big sized potatoes

2 carrots

250g minced meat

1 brown onion

1 cup of water

1/2 Spoon K’s Cuisine Multipurpose seasoning 

1/4 spoon K’s Cuisine Cameroon pepper 

1 teaspoon dried thyme

1 teaspoon curry powder

1 bullion ( I use maggi cube)

1 cooking spoon vegetable oil


Peel potato, rinse and dice into small cubes. I usually use King Edward potatoes.

Wash carrots, scrape and dice into small cubes.

Chop the onion into small pieces


Put the vegetable oil in a pot and set the cooker on medium heat. Add the chopped onions and stir then add the minced meat. Stir till the meat changes colour and then add water, maggi, K’s Cuisine Multipurpose Seasoning, K’s Cuisine Cameroon pepper, and thyme. Cover the pot and leave to boil.

You can add any other spice you like but I recommend just keeping it simple.




When it starts to boil add the diced potatoes and carrot, cover the pot and cook till it’s soft. This takes about 8minutes. Add salt to taste.


Mix 2 tablespoon of flour with about 20ml of water in a cup and add to the meat pie filling.

K’s Cuisine tip: This makes the filling hold together, creamy, moist and prevents drying up during baking.

Stir and take off the cooker and set it aside to cool.

Meatpie filling

The Dough

In a mixing bowl put the flour, salt, nutmeg and mix well.


Add butter and mix with your hands until you get a crumby texture.


Now add the egg yolks and the milk to the flour and mix thoroughly. Knead and leave the dough to rest for 15minutes in a cool place.

K’s Cuisine tip: Don’t overwork the dough. This is to prevent pie from shrinking or cracking when baked.


Cut small part of the dough and roll on a lightly floured surface with a rolling pin.

Put this dough on a dumpling mould, put the meat filling inside ( about 2 tablespoonful for each). Use a pastry brush to brush the edges of the dough with egg and seal close.



  • If you do not have a dumpling mould, Use a round object like a round bowl or round pot cover to cut the dough into circle, then fill the middle with the meat filling, brush edges with egg and close using fork to seal edges.

Repeat process until you use up the dough.

Lightly grease baking pan or line with a baking sheet. I normally just line with baking sheet. I like the easy way as long as I get good result😀

Place the pies on the baking pan and brush the top part of the dough with egg.

Pierce the top of the pies in two places with fork.

K’s Cuisine tip : This gives the pie a golden colour, crusty finish and looks more appealing to the eyes.

Egg white will give it no colour but shiny finish, egg yolk will give a deep golden brown colour and glossy finish, whole egg(both white and yolk) will give yellowish golden with shiny finish, and if you use milk to brush you will get a brown colour but no glossy finish.

For this batch I used the whole egg. Whisked it well and brushed the pie.

Meat pie

Preheat oven at 150degrees (gas mark 2) for 5minutes and bake the meatpie in pre heated oven for 40minutes or till it’s done.

Result? Yummy, moist, creamy filling meatpie😊 Best served warm.

Meat pie







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    1. Thank you Tai. I don’t know how I find time myself but comments like this spurs me on..bless u😊

    2. Hi, every time I attempt to make neat pie the pastry always comes out rock hard . Do you know any tips you can offer to combat this problem, thanks

  2. Hey K, I tried the meat pie yesterday and it came out well only that the second batch were harder but still nice cos my kids loved it. they took some to school this morning as snacks. I hv been trying to upload it on SUTYCC but couldnt. U always rock….enjoyed the corn beef sauce too

    1. Nice one Juliet.Good to know u nailed the 1st batch.What did u think went wrong with d 2nd batch..Was the oven too hot? Thanks for the kind words. I feel appreciated😊

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  4. Thank you for the recipe.

    The nutmeg in the dough gives the pie a nice kick.

    I have some leftover filling which i will freeze for use next week. God bless x

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