Amala- lump free and fluffy.

Hello and happy new week people. Today it’s about drumrolls……. Amala! oh yes Amala😊. You know when it comes to Amala we Ibadan people don’t play right? and if you didn’t know, I’m a proud flag bearer of Ibadan. Born, bred, authentic one at that 🙂

If you are not familiar with this delicacy, let me give you a brief introduction. Amala is made from yam flour (Elubo) and is a Nigerian Cuisine mostly eaten by the Yorubas especially the people of Oyo state. Yam flour is yam that has been peeled, dried and blended into flour and it’s typically brownish in colour.

Amala is easy to make but this is debatable as some will say it’s not.

If you struggle with making lump free, fluffy, smooth Amala, relax because with this recipe you’ll get it under control.

This recipe is for black Amala as the white one (Lafun) is made in a different way. So below is a step by step guide of getting Amala right. Let’s call this Amala 101. Shall we? lol.

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 5 minutes

INGREDIENTS (Serves 2-3)

4 cups (1000ml) Water

2 cups Yam flour- Sifted (All measurements on this blog make use of standard measuring cup unless otherwise stated)

1 cup (250ml) hot water (reserved)


1) Boil water in electric kettle and measure 4 cups into a pot.

2) Cover the water and let it boil till it starts making bubbles like in the picture below.


Tip: Use a pot that you can hold firmly to the handle and never use a non stick pot for amala.

Endeavour to always buy good yam flour from trusted source.

3) Lower the heat to a bare minimum and add the yam flour into the water all at once then stir/turn with wooden spoon or spatula (omorogun) till it comes together but it won’t be smooth at this stage. This process takes about a minute.




Tip: Note that number one mistake most people make is stirring and adding yam flour little at a time. That method will make the amala lumpy. Put in all the yam flour first before stirring.

It won't be smooth at this stage..
It won’t be smooth at this stage..

4) Add the reserved 1 cup of water to the Amala using the wooden spoon to create well in the middle and sides (Check picture below) and leave the water to steam the amala for 1-2 minutes.


5) Now stir the amala for 1-2 minutes till smooth. After this time some put it down and turn. If you are making large quantity you might find this helpful but with this quantity it’s not necessary really but if you find it easier bring it down and turn .

Note: Don’t keep Amala on heat for too long or it will become stretchy. The whole process from when you pour in yam flour till end should be roughly about 4-5 minutes.

smooth  amala
smooth amala



See how smooth that black beauty right there is? not a single lump. That’s it! hot, smooth and fluffy Amala.

Note: I like my Amala light . If you prefer it not as soft, add 3/4 cup of water instead of 1 cup at stage 4.

Enjoy with Ewedu, Gbegiri (recipe HERE), Fresh fish stew ( recipe HERE), Ogbono  (HERE) , Okra or any other soup of your choice.

Bon appetit

Amala with gbegiri, ewedu and buka stew
Amala with gbegiri, ewedu and buka stew


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23 thoughts on “Amala- lump free and fluffy.

  1. Thanks for the recipe. My husband travelled to Ibadan and has since then been crazy about amala. I’ll be trying your recipe tonight. I hope he likes it. *fingers crossed

  2. Thanks for this! I had no lumps (although I had to add a bit of elubo because the 1 cup of water made it too soft) but the whole process was no struggle at all. I’ve just made it for my mom who’ll be getting back from work soon. Hope she likes it 😀

  3. you’re a life saver!!! My grandma just asked me to make Amala for a guest and i’m like huh?? Googled it, found your post and i’m feeling pretty confident right now. Wish me luck!

  4. I got it but how do u know the quantity of flour that would be enough or not too much for the boiling water?

  5. thanks…….i used to stirr and add yam flour little at a time but now i know better (my mum will be so happy when i make lump-free amala)

  6. Thanks very much for posting this. I found it so helpful although i am yet to try it Please do you have a similar procedure of making lump free Poundo Yam I always have troubling with it lump free. Thanks.

    1. Hello Sola,I’m glad you find the post helpful. Yes I have a technique I use to make lump free poundo yam and as you have requested for it I will post it sometime soon.

  7. Hi, Miss K! Good work here! I have a quick question: why do you say not to use non-stick pots for amala? Thanks!

    1. Hello Bibi, non stick pot is designed so food doesn’t stick and when making amala in it doesn’t stick to the pot and flakes instead. This flakes forms,sticks back to the amala this makes the amala bumpy and rough.

  8. My favourite okele in the whole wide world! I can eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner. Thanks for the tips 🙂

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