Fried rice – Nigerian style

Many have been awaiting my fried rice recipe for a while now. I have had many opportunities to put it up as I’ve cooked fried rice lots of time in the past few months for parties and home cooking. However, one way or the other I ended up putting other recipes before it. I had even taken pictures which I had forgotten about till I checked all my food pictures for the blog and realised I had taken the step by step pictures at least two times! The good news is I am now posting the recipe and I also used different plating pictures 🙂 .

Fried rice like Jollof rice is a party favourite and it usually accompanies Jollof rice. Most times Nigerian party food is served as half portion fried rice and half portion jollof rice thereby giving people options to eat the one they prefer or have the best of both world. I personally like best of both world. I like Jollof rice and I like fried rice😊. Also if one is not to my taste the other might except for the few occasions where both were lipssealed

Growing up, I liked eating fried rice but cooking it was another matter. I hated the amount of time I used to spend in chopping the vegetables. That was really the hard work of the whole process of cooking fried rice. Thank God I now live where already chopped mixed vegetables and peppers are easily available although most times they come frozen.

Be aware that fresh vegetables best for fried rice but for those that can’t be bothered all the time with the cutting of the vegetables, the frozen ones works fine as well.

Here is my recipe for fried rice:

Preparation time: 10 minutes (more time required if you are using fresh vegetables)

Cooking time: (45 minutes)

INGREDIENTS (Serves 8-10)

7 cups rice (standard measuring cup)

3 cups mixed vegetables ( carrot, green peas, sweetcorn, green beans)

2.5 cups mixed peppers ( yellow, green, red)

200g liver (cooked, diced and fried)

300g prawns (peeled, cooked and fried)

2 Onions (chopped)

2-3 cooking spoons vegetable oil

4 maggi cubes

1 tablespoon thyme

1 tablespoon curry powder

Chicken stock

Spring onions (optional)

Cabbage (optional)


1) If you are using fresh vegetables, wash and dice them ready. If frozen sliced vegetables, let it defrost.

Note: Fresh vegetables are best for fried rice but frozen ones works fine.


2) Wash the rice very well, put in a sieve for water to drain and set aside


3) Grease pot with a little vegetable oil and put on heat. Use just enough oil to grease the pot like you would grease a cake pan.

4) Pour rice into the greased pot and stir fry for 1-2 minutes


5) Add maggi cubes, thyme and half of chopped onions and stir for another minute.



6) Add Chicken broth and water then cover pot tightly and leave to cook on very low heat.


Note:  I did not add curry to the rice at this stage. Curry determines the final colour of fried rice and the more you put, the more coloured your fried rice would be. Chicken broth is usually slightly coloured by the curry used in boiling it so what I do is wait to see the shade it gives the rice before adding any additional curry.

Tip: If your pot lid doesn’t cover the pot tightly, cover with a foil before putting the pot lid. You want to lock in steam to cook the rice and not dilute the taste by cooking with a lot of water.

7) While the rice is cooking, put a frying pan or pot on a burner and add the remaining vegetable oil. When the vegetable oil is heated, add the mixed peppers, the remaining  onions and mixed vegetables and let it fry. Season the vegetables with maggi, salt and curry powder.

Add curry to the vegetables as by now you would have noted the shade of the rice and adjust curry accordingly.

I let the vegetables be a little bit wet when going in the oil so the onions cook and fry and not just outright crunchy which I don’t personally like.


8) When the mixture is fried, add the fried liver, prawns, butter and mix. Adjust salt and seasoning.



9) By the time you’re done frying the vegetable mixture, the rice will almost be cooked.


10) Add the vegetable mixture to the rice and mix evenly.

Tip: It’s easier to mix when the pot is halfway or 3/4 filled but if you have a full pot you can transfer to a bigger pot. If no bigger pot available, divide into two pots mix evenly and then transfer back into a pot.

fried rice


11) Let the vegetables steam with the rice for about 5 minutes and fried rice is done.

Be careful not to overcook so you don’t end up with soggy fried rice and also don’t undercook. Rice tastes much better when it’s properly cooked. Not hard and not soggy is what you should aim for.

Fried rice can be served with plantain, moin moin, salad, Kelewele.

fried rice

fried rice

and more pictures….

fried rice

fried rice

Note: Unlike Jollof rice, fried rice doesn’t keep very well. It goes bad quickly and loses taste when it does. To minimise that, air it for a while. It’s also best eaten same day cooked but you can preserve in the fridge for up to 2 days.

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13 thoughts on “Fried rice – Nigerian style

  1. dis is my best food so far,i can eat it 12 times a gonna try dis new method
    can you please give me ofada rice recipe,i have checked the stew(ayamase)

  2. For the first time ever i got fried rice right in cooking, your recipe is da bomb thank you for the tips of watching the curry to add cos before my fried rice is always yellowish due to d volume of curry used . Your recipe turned out great for me thanks

  3. Hi Kemi, for the first time I made the ‘most perfectestestest’ fried rice ever (Excuse my grammar). My husband was so impressed that he took 2nd and 3rd helpings! In the past, I had struggled over perfecting the art of cooking fried rice until I came across your recipe. My yanga has just started o. Thanks so much again Kemi.

  4. Respect absolutely has to be given to whom it’s due. I tried your fried rice recipe and it came out on point. Everyone loved it 🙂 thank you loads for this amazing recipe. You are too much kemi!!

  5. Thank u Kemi 4 dis.God bless u real good.Pls what are prawns in Yoruba?D ones u used in ur fried rice look like crayfish.I guess chicken broth is d same as chicken stock.Am I right?Am sorry for bothering with my questns.Thank u

  6. love this . But what kind of mixed pepper? Is it the tatashe, tomatoes and which is the yellow pepper and where can i get them? Thanks.

    1. Hello Temmy,
      By mixed peppers I mean the red, yellow and green bell peppers. No tomatoes please. Will edit to clarify better and put a sample picture of bell pepper. They are commonly sold in markets and stores

      1. Thank you so much for the tip of not adding too much curry cos my own fried rice has a kinda yellowish colour i guess it’s due to my too much curry used. Would try your recipe soon n give you feed back hoping for a greenish fried rice this time around 😃😃😃

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