K Signature Stew

I have called this K signature stew because my husband calls it that. He refers to most of my cooking by that word ‘signature’. For example he would tell me ‘your signature jollof rice’, ‘ your signature egusi’ and so on. He says this to mean it has my signature (delicious and very special)…oh well what else would he say about my cooking? common, he is my husband 🙂 . I have not heard the ‘signature’ for a while now though as ever since I started food blogging it’s now been K’s Cuisine this, K’s Cuisine that….smiles

This stew is one from my many experiments of creating unique taste and I can tell you this is one of those type of stews that creates long queue at bukas, eateries, etc.. The type of stew you eat and keep going back for more. The type of stew people say oh that lady use ‘jazz’ that’s why her food  is so delicious and no one has been able to crack the code to her recipe. This is that kind of stew and this is K’s Cuisine signature stew 🙂

I believe amazing recipes comes from experimenting and sometimes from kitchen mistakes. You can have same ingredients and get different tastes just by making changes in the method, timing, and technique used in preparing the food. The stews you think the cooks use ‘jazz’ to create is most times just someone’s experimental hit. Sometimes it’s hard to recreate some of them unless the owner gives you the recipe because most times a simple ingredient and simple technique makes all the difference and most are not obvious. Before i bore you with my analysis, here is my signature stew recipe:

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 1 hour


1 green bell pepper

1 red pepper (tatashe)

1 tomato

2 scotch bonnet (ata rodo)

1 brown onion

2 onions (chopped)

2 tablespoons locust beans- (iru)


Assorted meat (optional)

3 cooking spoons palmoil

2 cooking spoons vegetable oil

1 whole scotch bonnet (ata rodo)

1 tablespoon grounded crayfish

1 tablespoon nutmeg (divided in two)


1) Wash the beef, add 1 maggi cube, 1/4 of the chopped onions, salt and boil on low heat.


Do not add water to the meat to boil. The meat brings out water. It’s one of the tips I gave in my  Edikang ikong recipe.


2) When the meat is tender, take off heat and take some of the meat stock to blend very smoothly the scotch bonnet, bell pepper, tomato, onion and locust beans



This is the colour you get
This is the colour you get

3) Pour the smoothly blended pepper into the boiled meat and put on medium heat. Add maggi and salt and leave to cook for about 15 minutes.



Be careful with salt, remember you blended pepper with meat stock which has salt in it so you only need to add just a little more.

4) While the pepper is boiling, In a different pot bleach the palm oil. Here is how:

Pour palm oil in a pot, cover the pot and put on heat to bleach the palm oil (Don’t use your best pot for this). The reason for covering the pot is so that the kitchen is not filled with smoke and trigger your smoke alarm. Also it’s not healthy inhaling all that smoke. The palm oil should be bleached in approximately 5-10 minutes depending on quantity. Turn the cooker off after this time and leave the palm oil to cool. Do not open the pot until the palmoil is well cooled. It would take about 10minutes for the palm oil to cool. When the palm oil is cooled, open the pot and do what I call the ‘paper test’.

Remember my ‘paper test’ from my Ayamase recipe (HERE)? Do the paper test to make sure the palm oil is well bleached.

Paper test -Touch the palm oil wit a clean white paper. If it comes out transclucent like the picture below the palm oil is bleached. If the paper comes out red the palmoil is not bleached.


5) Put the palmoil back on heat and add the chopped onions. Fry the onions till it caramelises. The onions will have a dark brown colour.


6) Now add a teaspoon of nutmeg to the oil/onions mixture.


7) By now the boiling pepper is thickened a bit. Pour the palmoil/ onion mixture into the boiling pepper and leave it to fry for 10 minutes while stirring constantly.

what the pepper should look like before you pour oil/onions mixture
what the pepper should look like before you pour oil/onions mixture


The aroma in your kitchen by now will be amazing.

8) Lower the heat and let the pepper fry slowly and you will see it start to get darker and darker.

9) When it is almost finely fried, add the vegetable oil and the other teaspoon of nutmeg, and crayfish.

10) Throw in the whole scotch bonnet ( just like what I did in my Ayamase recipe) and fry for another 5-10 minutes while stirring constantly.



9) The oil at this stage would have blended in with the stew and not much will be floating, the stew will be dark in colour and the taste? super amazing!


10) Serve with Leaf flavour infused rice.

For the flavour infused rice:

Wash moin moin leaves with warm soapy water and dry with a clean kitchen cloth.

Boil rice. When it is cooked and while still very hot, pour inside leaf and wrap like you would wrap moin moin.

leaf flavour infused rice

Set down and leave for at least 5-10 minutes.

rice eleweIf after 10 minutes it’s no longer as hot as you would like it, Put the leaf wrapped rice in pre heated oven for 1 – 2 minutes to warm up.

Serve with  K signature stew and enjoy!

K Signature stew

Rice, beans with KSignaature stew
Rice, beans with KSignaature stew


designer stewYou can now order this stew and many more from K’s Cuisine. Check my menu list and send your order to info@kscuisine.com

Note: This stew doesn’t make use of water. If you have to re heat, use a little vegetable oil to do so.

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41 thoughts on “K Signature Stew

  1. I cooked the stew just the way u did and my dearie it’s amazing, delicious is too small to describe the taste my hubby really enjoyed it and am repeating it today again, I put some eggs in mine and it was heaven, thanks a lot for sharing, God bless u abundantly!

  2. I made this sauce this evening. It was really good. Had it with jollof rice but will be having with white rice during the week.

    1. Welldone Funmi. Your comment reminded me of a joke that says ‘he who put stew on jollof rice has trust issues’..lol. I do sometimes eat jollof rice with ayamase and egusi sometimes and definitely don’t have trust issues. Welldone again 🙂

  3. I made it yesterday and it came out nice and very tasty. Hubby enjoyed it,thanks so much and keep up the good work.

  4. this is indeed a signature, the description alone is inviting.I’m so making it today,pls when do I put Iru.

  5. Kemindarling, God bless u for sharing this. I have just finished making the stew and dodo ik ire. Men, I love u. Muah!. The stew is so sexy and delicious. God will increase you on all sides.

  6. Nice one,I must try dis.pls wat is bell pepper because I was thinking it’s Tatashe

  7. I thought i could cook, until i came across this recipe. This is definitely my next main meal. Thanks for posting.

  8. Oh! while waiting for the response to my question, i tried the stew. i used beef and pieces of chicken (3) because i wasn’t sure if something would go wrong with the taste. Wellll, it tasted amazeballs. Next stop will be goat meat and then chicken. Thanks Madam K at the very top. We enjoyed it. Hugs

    1. Sorry for just responding. I was busy with weekend orders. Good to hear it tasted amazeballs. Welldone. Lol@ madam K at the very top.Thanks a bunch. Hugs right back😊

  9. The only Madam K at the very top. I stumbled upon your blog in one of your posts on ‘So You Think You Can Cook’ and i must say u got a good one going here. Lovely recipes.Kudos to you. Can one use chicken for this stew? Thanks in advance.

  10. This is serious o, I have never seen this recipe anywhere, its really signature, tempting too, adding plain boiled beans justs finishes it up. Thanks for sharing, who knows, my hubby (as soon as I get to that point) would tag this stew my signature stew too *smiling.

    1. Ogochukwu, it is K’s Cuisine special original recipe😊. Oh Yes the beans compliments it well. You’re welcome and feel free to glow with pride when your hubby (you will get to the point😊) calls it your signature stew.

  11. Kemi o, I am cyber hugging you big time. The whole house loves this and my bro in law just bribed me to make him some to take back to Glasgow. This stew is amazing

    1. Jummy, I am cyber hugging you back. Good to know you all loved it. Lol@ the bribing. Told you it’s Oliver Twist kind of stew. Welldone and thanks for the feedback😊

  12. K’s cuisine, this stew is the real deal. It took me straight back to Ibadan (My home town). There is this originality with it that I can’t explain. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

    1. Do try it out and feedback. Use the search button on the page for puff puff recipe or put K’s cuisine puff puff recipe on google. It will bring out the page for you. Awaiting your feedback on the puff puff as well😊

  13. This is reli nice, I will try it. But am not an iru fan and besides I know 2 types of iru(one is black and the other is light brown) which do I make use of?

  14. You will not kill me ooo. This stew looks the bizness girl!!! Will definetely give this a try when my iru arrives from naija. Weldone!!

    1. Bola, lol.. I will not kill you. It is the business. Let me know how it goes when you try it and thanks for the support girl. Much love😊

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