Groundnut Soup

Do you know that groundnut is a source of Vitamins? Groundnut provides over 30 essential nutrients including folate (B9), niacin (B3), Vitamin E,  Magnesium and Phosphorus. Vitamin B helps to maintain a healthy heart while Vitamin E helps to protect cells from oxidative stress. Infact, groundnuts are richer in antioxidants than carrots (how cool is that?), they are high in proteins and free of trans fat and sodium.

Like Ogbono soup, I was introduced to groundnut soup 10 years ago during my NYSC by my friend Esi. When she told me years ago she was making groundnut soup for lunch I looked at her like really? there is groundnut soup? lol.

I didn’t like groundnut as a snack and still don’t eat it that way. However, i like groundnut soup a lot. My not liking roasted groundnut used to amuse my friends and family who feel every Nigerian  must love groundnut rolls eyes

Anyway, On that day i watched Esi cook the soup, i ate it for the first time and it was fingerlicking good! Did I tell you Esi is from Edo? i think i did in my Ogbono soup post. So people you are getting authentic recipe as taught to me by my friend Esi 🙂 .  Here we go:

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 40 minutes

Total time: 50 minutes


300g Groundnut

2 tablespoons ground cayenne pepper or 2-3 fresh scotch bonnet (rodo)

Beef and assorted meat

Stock fish, dried catfish and dried shawa

2 tablespoons grounded crayfish


2 Bouillion cubes (maggi cubes)

1-2 cooking spoons Palm oil



1) Dry roast raw groundnuts in a frying pan for about 3 minutes while stirring constantly.


2) Using a dry mill, blend the roasted groundnut into powdery form. You can either peel the skin off the groundnut before grinding or grind with skin on.

Esi says peel before grinding. I sometimes peel and sometimes I don’t. For this one, I peeled half and blended half unpeeled so you can see what it looks like with both.

the one on the right was peeled before blending while the one on the left wasn't  peeled.
the one on the right was peeled before blending while the one on the left wasn’t peeled.


3) Boil the beef, assorted meat and stock fish. Add in the washed and deboned dry catfish and dried shawa. The meat should have about 500ml of stock. If it doesn’t  add water.

I boil beef separately from the offals. I also boil stock fish separately before adding to the meat.


4) Add the pepper, maggi cubes and palm oil. Cover the pot and leave to boil




5) Add the groundnut bit by bit till you get a creamy consistency and stir in well. If too thick add water till you get your desired consistency


6) Leave to cook for 15-20 minutes or till oil floats to the top while stirring constantly so as not to burn.


7) Add bitterleaf and leave soup to simmer for 3-5 minutes.

Adding bitterleaf is optional but I say it makes a lot of difference. You see, groundnut soup has a sweetness to it and bitterleaf just gives it that perfect contrast . However use just a little so as not to mar the taste of groundnut soup.


8) That is groundnut soup ready. Serve with pounded yam, Eba, bulgur wheat fufu , Amala or any swallow of your choice.


I served with pounded yam and my next post will be about how I made the pounded yam with no stress 🙂


Groundnut soup with cone shaped pounded yam
Groundnut soup with cone shaped pounded yam

groundnut soup

Groundnut soup

Finger licking goodness. Enjoy 🙂

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