Otong Soup

Otong soup is Efik version of Okro soup. It is characterised by two main ingredients Okro and Ugwu. Otong soup is nutritious and it is high in iron content. To the Yorubas this is called Ila asepo (with variation). I don’t get tired of okro soup be it Ila asepo, otong soup, Ogbono Okro or plain okro. I just love the way it helps slide swallow all the way down to it’s destination not to mention it’s high nutrient value. You see, okra is good in normalising blood sugar and cholesterol, it contains folic acid, a good laxative, prevents constipation.. I have not even finished with the benefits of Okro not to talk of starting on the other key ingredient Ugwu! i’l not bore you with that now but rather save it for another time but believe me people, Otong soup is good for you..so let’s get cooking:


25 pieces medium sized Fresh Okro (lady fingers)

3 Bouillion cubes (maggi)


1-2 cooking spoons Palmoil

3-4 red or yellow Scotch bonnet (ata rodo)

1 handful Dry Shawa fish

1/2 cup grounded Crayfish

1/2 cup Prawns Snail (optional)

Few pieces Stock fish (Panla)- optional

1 medium size dry smoked catfish

Beef and assorted meat (shaki, ponmo, etc)

Ugu (Kale is a good substitute)

Uziza (Optional)


1) Wash the smoked fish by pouring hot water and salt on it, leave the fish in the water for 3 minutes then washout the dirt. Debone and shred the fish. IMG_97402) Boil the assorted meat ( shaki, ponmo,etc) seperately and set aside. 3) Blend scotch bonnet IMG_1706

4) Wash the Okro and grate or blend into small cubes. If blending, be careful to blend with minimal water.

I personally blend Okro. I wash, cut each into 2 or 3 and blend in the blender IMG_3977 After blending.. IMG_3996 5) Boil the beef with 1 maggi cube and salt.

K’s Cuisine recommendation: Do not add water to the beef. Beef brings out water when boiling. Just steam on low heat and watch the meat bring out water. IMG_1268 6) When beef is tender, there will be stock in the pot from the beef. Add the assorted meat, smoked fish and snail. Cover and leave to cook for 2 minutes for the flavours to combine.

Tip: If stock is too much in the meat after boiling, take out some of it. You do not want too much water as this can result in watery okro soup.

IMG_01157) Add the blended pepper and palmoil
8) Add crayfish and leave to cook for 5 minutes.
9) Add the grated or blended okro and Ugwu leaves
 Do not cover pot after okro has been introduced into the pot

10) Taste for salt and seasoning, adjust accordingly, reduce the heat and let simmer for 3 minutes.

Don’t overcook if you want okro green and resilient. The retained heat keeps cooking the Okro for about another 2 minutes after you take off heat. otong soup 10) That’s Otong Soup done. ila asepo (okro soup)Enjoy with pounded yam (recipe HERE) , Eba, Amala (recipe HERE), Semo or any other solid. Otong soup A Plate full of nutrients and goodness.. Otong Soup I had it with Pounded yam on this occasion Otong Soup Bon appetit Don’t forget to like my facebook page at www.facebook.com/kscuisine ” One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well” -Virginia woolf

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  1. Hello!!! Please never stop posting your food blogs, I’ve added your site to my bookmarks! I made the best Amala ever from your blog and of course I’ve gone through most of your posts, all that’s left is to start cooking. You make cooking so easy with your step by step explanations aided with pictures.God bless your soul for choosing to start this blog.

  2. Hello K, tanx 4 dis post. I neva knew u can use blender 4 okro,cooking made easy I must confess. pls can u post d recipe 4 white soup.tanx.

    1. Hello Bukola, you’re welcome😊 I’m all for the easy cooking and our kitchen gadgets can do so many things. I will put white soup recipe on the blog soon. Thanks

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