Plantain Fufu (Plantain amala)

Some of us love our swallow. For example, people like me can not do without eating swallow at least once a week. I’m fully fledged Nigerian like that and you know I am a staunch supporter and believer in the goodness and joy of Nigerian food 🙂

Gone are the days when we are limited to high carbohydrate swallow. Now we make healthy foods into swallow. There is the Bulgur solid from yours truly K’s Cuisine which recipe can be found here and there is plantain fufu among many other healthy way of eating swallow.

Plantain fufu or plantain amala is made from unripe plantain. Some call it plantain amala simply because of the similarities in colour and texture with amala.

It is easy to make, good for the body as it’s high in nutrients. So when next you feel like eating swallow, think of the healthy plantain fufu.

Here is how to make it in 5 easy steps. Lets go:

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 5 minutes

Total time: 10 minutes


Unripe plantain


1) Freeze the unripe plantain for 2 days, take out from the freezer and leave to thaw

This step is optional. It only serves in making the plantain fufu slightly darker, almost the colour of amala. You can omit this step and go straight to step 2


2) Peel and cut the plantain into blender and blend with very little water


3) After you’ve  blended the plantain smoothly, pour into a pot


4) Put the pot on heat and start stirring the plantain.


5) The plantain starts to thicken and form solid. If need be, add a little water to get the consistency you want but it usually does not require extra water.


5) The plantain forms smooth solid and it is ready to eat. Serve with soup like Ogbono, Ila asepo, groundnut soup, or any soup of choice.

Plantain fufu

I served with Ogbono Okro soup in these pictures. For Ogbono Okro recipe, click HERE.

Plantain amala

It is light and tastes yummy. Why not give it a try? you won’t be disappointed.


Bon appetit

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8 thoughts on “Plantain Fufu (Plantain amala)

  1. Lol, I don’t eat garri,I’m not diabetic but don’t want excess carbohydrate since I love rice a lot,I blend the unripe plantain straight away after cutting with lil water,then I cook on fire till when cooked bf serving to allow it cool down,its rich and delicious

  2. Plantain amala is widely eaten in the “oke” of Yorubaland. Green plantain are sun dried and then milled. The milled product is called kelu (re-mi). The other amala like this is made from sun dried “anomo” (Yoruba’s sweet potato).

    1. This one u are seeing,is fresh plantain,blended,not dried plantain,its richer than dried plantain

  3. Thanks Bukky! I didn’t know it’s easy to prepare plantain amala this way. No more hassles peeling and drying to get plantain flour. Kudos!

  4. Just thought I should leave a note. I tried this and it’s amazing! Never heard about it before reading it on your blog. It’s so convenient for times when I run out of okele..thank you!

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