Buka Stew

Hello beautiful fans of K’s Cuisine. First of all let me apologise for my long hiatus! I checked date of my last post and thought oh wow! It’s really been over a month I blogged! I have not and will never abandon my fans and my blog. Truth is, I have been very busy with family matters, business matters and many more and unfortunately I had to take a few weeks break from the blog.

I am cooking up something exciting and I am so eager to share it with you all. Something good is coming from K’s Cuisine to you in another form and ofcourse i will be sharing the good news with you in the new year as this might be my last post for this year but by God’s grace I will be back better and stronger in the new year (new year is 2 weeks away before you start rolling your eyes for me..lol).

I say a big thank you to those who sent messages to my inbox, on the fan page asking about the absence. I am really humble by the fact that i was missed in those few weeks. I also have to apologise for responding to comments and feedback late. Infact that was the first thing i did before embarking on his post. Watch this space and keep loving K’s Cuisine.

Apologies and explanation tendered, comments approved and replied so now, let’s cook! 🙂

Buka Stew needs no introduction. You know that type of stew that keeps you going to them Bukas like Inastriat, Iya Basira and the rest? the stew that is also called palmoil stew? Yes! this is my own version.

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 1hour

Total time:1 hr 15 minutes


6 scotch bonnet (rodo)

4 large size red bell peppers

1-2 green bell peppers

2 (400g) tin plum tomatoes

1 Onion

1 small size red onion (chopped)

Beef and assorted meats (shaki, ponmo, fuku, kidney, etc )

2 Maggi cubes



Vegetable Oil


1) Boil the beef and assorted meat. Boil the offals seperately.

Frying or grilling the meat is optional


2) Blend the scotch bonnet, red and green bell peppers, tomatoes and  onion.


3) In a pot, heat palmoil and when hot, add the chopped onions


4) Leave the onions to fry for a minute till translucent then add the blended pepper, beef stock and maggi cubes.

5) Cover the pot and leave the pepper to cook for 10 -15 minutes.

IMG_15846) When you open the pot the stew would have thickened and reduced in quantity. Add a bit of water if too thick at this stage. Stir the stew, add salt to taste, add beef and assorted meats and the vegetable oil.


7) Leave to cook for another 15- 20 minutes. When oil floats to the top, the stew is ready.

Stir the stew, turn off the cooker and leave the pot partially open to cool.


Enjoy your buka stew😊

Buka stew

Buka stew with Shaki, ponmo, snail, beef and fuku.

obe buka

Yummy I say


Below is a picture of Ewedu , gbegiri and buka stew served with Amala. The best combination for buka stew in my opinion.


What is your favourite meat part in buka stew? Roundabout, shaki, fuku or what? Leave your answer below. For me it’s ponmo 🙂

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Merry Christmas in advance. See you in 2015 🙂


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  1. Your blog is my go to all day everyday big shout out to you 🙌🏻 GOD bless you…… Pls can I make fresh fish stew like dis aswell?

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