1 Year Anniversary Giveaway

K’s Cuisine is 1year old. Hip hip hip…hurray!


K’s Cuisine was born January 4th 2013, two months after the birth of my second daughter. I had no blogging experience but I had my love of food, passion for cooking and urge to share my food knowledge and connect people through food. It’s been amazing year and I thank God for the journey so far. I thank my readers as usual for the support. God bless each and everyone of you.

It is a cause for celebration and for that I am giving away to 3 readers.

Prices to be worn are:

  1. Rice Cooker


  1. Blender


  1. Electric mixer

Screenshot_2015-01-06-01-27-34-1To enter for a chance to win so the things below:

1) Follow me on Instagram HERE  on twitter HERE, Like K’s Cuisine fan page on facebook HERE.

2) When you have done the above, leave a comment below with your username on Instagram, Twitter and facebook and which of the 3 prices you would like to win and why.

3) Subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already

Winners will be announced on the 30th of January.


29 thoughts on “1 Year Anniversary Giveaway

  1. Hi, I don’t really leave comments on blogs but honestly, I find your blog helpful and I have learnt a lot from it. Keep up the good work. As for the price, I need the mixer and off course to help mixing easier and I believe that I shall win it. I am not on Instagram or Twitter but my Facebook name is Olotu oluwabukola kikelomo Okafor. Thank you for giving the mixer to me, I truly appreciate it. You are a special person. I am not flattering you, really, you are.

  2. Whaoh one year already? This page is simply AMAZING!
    Kudos to K’s Cuisine. I love foodie stuffs a lot, but don’t have a blog like you do. But I always tell my friends that “food presentation” matter a lot in hiking the consumers appetite.
    I will love to win the rice cooker, because I love eating rice just like you do. I can do rice in different cooking styles 24/7, 365/366 days of the year…lolz. Also, because I already have a blender and mixer and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start eating some fluffy rice (winky winky) .
    My Facebook name is Ajileye Stella Folasayo.

    Thanks in advance ma’am.

  3. Whaoh, this page is simply AMAZING! My Facebook username is Ajileye Stella Folasayo. I would really love to win the rice cooker because I already have a blender and mixer. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to start eating fluffy rice et all(winky winky)
    I’m also into foodie as well, but I don’t have a blog for it yet.
    I always tell people that “food presentation” on a plate matters a lot in hiking the consumers appetite.
    K’s Cuisine, please keep the good work going. God bless you.

  4. Congrats dear, I have been trying to comment since thank God is possible today. I need the electric mixer badly be been using hand and is so stressful. This will enable me explore more, thanks.
    My Facebook username is Mackson Sylvia.

  5. Congratulations on the 1st anniversary of k’s cuisine. God will continue to increase you in all areas in Jesus name. I actually just got to know this page through a post on beef kebab by GeeBee on the adorable mum page and I can tell you I have been glued to the page. And also learnt a lot already.

    Don’t know if I can still take part in the anniversary give away but I will really like the blender because I have a 5month old adorable girl that will be 6months on the 1st of february and we will soon be starting solid.. So we will like the blender to puree our food.. We will be glad if we can be considered.. Thank you ma.. God is your muscle..

    Twitter: @lahraak
    Facebook: Omolara Akinlade
    Instagram: @lahraak

  6. Hello congrats on ur anniversry!dis is just d begining for u.may God uphold u.Amen.my username on facebook is theresa omuah ihinoseh,my twitet handle is @thessygirl and as for IG I dnt hv my fone can’t dwnload dt but not to worry lol hv already suscribe to ur Blog to receive mails frm u.I wld like to have d electric mixer cos with difft types of mouth waterin Bakin recipes hv seen hv started gradually bakin cakes not perfect though but stil tryin with the electric mixer it wil help more.thanks in advance

  7. I would love to win the blender, I desperately need a new one. I’ve worn mine out making smoothies for my family! Twitter & Instagram:sllisme, Facebook: Suzanne Letton Lane

  8. Congrats,one year already waoh. I really need the electric mixer have been using hand to mix my batter and this will help me in making a living out of it. Thanks for the kind gesture,releasing three gifts…all I can say is God bless u and more grease to ur elbow. My Facebook username is Mackson Sylvia.

  9. Congrats,Kemi! I have fulfilled the requirements for the give away.Infact,I joined twitter because of it(hehehe).My Instagram and Twitter handle: Myss_wad. And my Facebook name is Faith Abodunrin.I would be very glad if I win the electric mixer.I really would like to bake cakes with it. Thank you and I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I win it. Thank you

  10. Congrats 2 u on ur 1 year anniversary…. My username here on Facebook is Cynthia Obeto, I’D̶̲̥̅̊ lik 2 win a rice cooker cos all my life I’ve neva seen 1 nd I love 2 eat nd cook rice of any recipee, so it’ll b of a gr8 privilegde 2 Own 1 via dis gr8 Page, Thk u

  11. Congrats nd happy one year anniversary K’s cuisine. More grease to ur elbows. I would love to win the blender because I embarked on a weight loss journey dis year. I need a good blender to make all d smoothies dat would help achieve my goal. I av to loose 20kg. My blender packed up late November last year. Plus Ope I win dis o. God Bless u real good.

  12. Never knew I could be so happy going on a food recipe blog. Thanks K’s cuisine . TWITTER/INTERGRAM : @adewoleomooba , FACEBOOK: Adewole Omo-Oba Adebayo

  13. Happy anniversary sis kemi,may we live 2 celebrate more of dis on earth nd on d blog,may d lord continue 2 to strengthen u,nd i pray d k’s cuisine restaurant u are about 2 open in london yield positively,i will love 2 ave dat gud looking rice cooker,reason been dat i dont know how 2 cook coconut rice,fried rice nd many more nd will love 2 practise it,i love eating rice,rice is majorly eaten in nigeria,chidren nd adult loves eating rice,rice is eaten routinely,once again happy 1yr anniversary nd may d lord continue 2 guide nd u protect u,can’t wait 2 ave mine. Facebook adegoke kafilat kike

  14. Congrats Kemi Amusa…I must say u av affected my cooking creativity…the ‘Eba Susage’ and Rice Shapping trips guests each time…and some of hubby’s friends now ask their wives to lean from me!…Keep going girlfriend!! I remain ur no 2 fan as I don accept say ur hubby na no 1 lol…cheers!
    Before i forget! Chai I want that rice cooker like now now, gave mine out wen I was relocating and I miss it so much *sobs*..hope I will b d winner but how do I get it? Lol
    Facebook: Adebola Osifeso paveun
    Twitter: @bodyframeWB

  15. Hi K, congratulations on your one year anniverssary. I would absolutely love the electric mixer because: Essentially an electric mixer does all the difficult work of baking without complaining. Beating, mixing or vigorously stirring large bowls of ingredients can quickly tire out the arm, making the tendons and muscles quite sore — particularly if you have a demanding family and job and your a woman who loves giing her family treats. Rather, an electric mixer combines the most difficult-to-mix items quickly; allowing you to save your strength for more tasks at home. I would also love the mixer because of its precision,Because an electric mixer is a machine with various settings, you can control how thick or how thin your substance turns out, allowing you complete precision of results. You simply select a speed for the electric mixer and the proper mixing attachment and supervise the bowl of ingredients, watching as they reach the desired level of thickness. If you’re following a very exact and intricate recipe, an electric mixer is crucial for creating the most exact level of thickness or thinness.
    #oh what treats I could churn up from my mixer#. I would even be able to increase my family business by baking cakes for commercial purposes. Thank you. I hope I win it

  16. Congratulations. We will celebrate more years together on this blog. 1yrea isn’t a joke.
    Twitter @lizzyanlo
    Facebook @ elizabeth anlo
    Instagram @ Lizzyanlo
    I wld love to have all of the prices ooo.
    Just got married and I m Building up my kitchen so I need all of this.

  17. facebook: taiwo oguntade. I want to win the mixer because i love to bake and it will help me mix more batter at once to save time and energy. happy anniversary

  18. Instagram: mrsyehtey
    Twitter: @yetayomi
    Facebook: Yetunde Fajobi-Idowu
    I want the rice cooker. We cook rice like twice a day in my house because that is our favourite food. Having a rice cooker will definitely make it easier to cook.
    Congratulations! Your posts inspire me.

  19. Twitter-@sapphireify
    Facebook-Ify Onyido-Onyekwelu
    Congratulations again on your 1st Anniversary!!! Abeg chop knuckle cos it isn’t easy!
    Please I would LOVE to win this over cute Blender, cos mine backed out few weeks ago. I love your blog very well cos you sure have a way of making cooking simple and fun.
    Please give baby a kiss from moi!! Cheers..

  20. Hello Kemi,
    Let me start by congratulating you on your Blog’s Anniversary, greater heights! As luck would have it, i and my husband stumbled on your page tonight which is an answer to my yearnings! Although i love cooking but I’ve always wanted more….
    My Facebook user name: Bolanle Bankole Edewor. i do not have twitter, and instagram account but can open them as soon as possible.

    I will love to have the rice cooker because that’s my husband’s best food and i do cook different types of rice like jollof rice, fried rice, coconut rice, ofada rice, white rice, Chinese rice often,. this will make my cooking easier, faster, and safer.

    Merci in anticipation of my request. May God elevate you higher than human comprehension.

    Remain Inspired!

  21. Congrats Kemi Amusa…I must say u av affected my cooking creativity positively & honestly I have told a lot of friends n my sisters to join ur group …the ‘Eba Susage’ and Rice Shapping trips guests each time…and some of hubby’s friends now ask their wives to lean from me!…Keep going girlfriend!! I remain ur no 2 fan as I don accept say ur hubby na no 1 lol…cheers!
    Before i forget! Chai I want that rice cooker like now now, gave mine out wen I was relocating and I miss it so much *sobs*..hope I will b d winner but how do I get it? Lol
    It will the best thing thathappened to my kitchen in recent times as I av been picturing it on my kitchen’s table for so long

    Twitter: @bodyframeWB
    Facebook:Adebola Osifeso Paveun

  22. Congrats Kemi Amusa…I must say u av affected my cooking creativity…the ‘Eba Susage’ and Rice Shapping trips guests each time…and some of hubby’s friends now ask their wives to lean from me!…Keep going girlfriend!! I remain ur no 2 fan as I don accept say ur hubby na no 1 lol…cheers!
    Before i forget! Chai I want that rice cooker like now now, gave mine out wen I was relocating and I miss it so much *sobs*..hope I will b d winner but how do I get it? Lol

  23. I want to have the blender. I’d never been lucky with a good one and I see this to be one that will seve and meet the needs of my kitchen.
    Thank you in anticipation and congratulations on your 1st anniversary.
    God bless the work of your hands.

  24. I love to win d mixer cos it will help a lot n save my d stress of using ladle to mix my flour n butter. I am goin to keep following up on dis oooo,cos I am a winner ooooo. Smile.

  25. Congratulations once again on this milestone. We will surely be celebrating more of kscuisine in many years to come.
    Facebook@Chiagozie Ofodile Salami.

    I so love giveaways. So excited.

    Now to the choice gift, I will love love love the Electric Mixer.
    This is because I have been inspired into baking and have been trying out a lot of cake recipes. Still doing my mixings manually but the cakes do come out lovely. I haven’t done any decoration so far but your first post of the year has definitely inspired me. I have challenged myself to bake all the cakes for all the occasions in my home this year and I will be staying glued to this blog for more inspiration.

    More powers to your elbows dear. You are a great source of inspiration. Goodluck in the compilation of your recipe book. All the best.

  26. This blender is mine o. I’ve followed on twitter and fb bt I don’t have an instagram account. Hope I’m in?

    1. Fawehinmi Shade..I would love to win the blender…my old one got spoilt on xmas day and its been tedious in d kitchen dis days….thanks.I don’t ve an instagram acct

  27. instalgram handle….Nasasekunder. Facebook name. ..Nasa sekunder omoha.want to win the first price reason been that am sure it will help me safe some money I speed on kerosene.

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