Agidi Custard (Eko)

I was casually browsing through my food group and I saw a post by Vivian Irondi. It was a post on Eko (Agidi) served with native soup. Looking at her food picture, saliva gathered in my mouth (maybe not made me drool). I craved for Eko at that moment but I had no ogi (pap) in the house nor had a chance of getting it to buy easily. I checked my food cupboard and the corn flour i had wouldn’t be enough to make it. By the way you can also make Eko using corn flour. Then came this idea of using custard as I had custard in abundance in my cupboard. I was in the mood for experimenting so why not?


I have always known and call it Eko but some call it Agidi. A reader mentioned to me the Ibos call it agidi and Yorubas Eko. I am going to be using both names in this post. Eko and Agidi are one and the same. Feel free to call it whichever you like.


Custard is similar to ogi (pap) that is used in making eko (agidi) and it is prepared in same way. I knew it was going to work. The only concern I had was the taste as custard has a slight flavour that not everyone appreciates. That is where our all day Nigerian ingredients came into play. Rodo and tatashe. Rodo and bell pepper because they have the ability to overwhelm but when used in the right amount balance out a flavour so i went for it.


This recipe will especially benefit Nigerians in diaspora who find it mostly difficulty getting Ogi or Eko. Custard is easily accessible and it comes cheap. Not only will this post give you rodo and bell pepper fortified custard recipe, you get recipe on


-How to make smooth custard without lumps


-Fortified custard Eko


-Custard agidi jollof


-All of the above substituting custard for cornflour


So let’s go:


Preparation time: 5 minutes


Cooking time: 5 minutes


Total time: 10 minutes


Meal type: Dinner, breakfast


2 cups custard powder

1 cup cold water

Boiling water

1 scotch bonnet (rodo)

1/2 of a bell pepper (tatashe)


1) Pour the custard powder in a clean  pot

attachment_1421057110155_IMG_2621 2) Add the cold water to the custard powder and stir till smooth


The custard should have a thick consistency. If it is watery, the custard will not form and you will end up with a watery mess

3) Add boiling water from a kettle to the custard water mixture to get a thick consistency custard.


4) Add the chopped rodo and bell pepper, half cup of cold water and put on heat to simmer.


Why rodo and bell pepper you might ask. It’s simply because I wanted to tame the taste of custard.

5) Stir very well making sure lump isn’t formed in the mixture.

6) Wrap in washed moin moin leaves or put in a plastic container.


7) Leave to cool and rodo tatashe fortified custard agidi is ready.


You can take it further and make Custard Agidi jollof. Just add stew, biscuit bone, fish, etc and you have Custard agidi jollof.

8) I put some in ice cube tray for my kids. They loved the shape.


This recipe is a win win. Not only is it cheap to make (I used less than a pound worth of custard to make this for the family), It is light, It is quick, convenient and easy to make.

You can serve with moin moin, recipe HERE, Egusi soup HERE or any soup of choice.


I chilled the agidi in the fridge and the taste of very cold custard eko and hot moin moin was bliss! I totally enjoyed it. The texture was very much eko/Agidi and the taste yummy! Give it a try and let me know what you think.



K’s Cuisine Extra tips

For that sour eko taste, you can add lime to this recipe. Tip from Mrs Ev

Cornflour has no taste compared to custard

You can fortify with Ugu leaves to add extra nutrients to the Eko/Agidi

I prefer the Custard Agidi/Eko wrapped in moin moin leaves as it gave it a taste unique to moin moin leaves.

You can use custard or conflour to make jollof agidi.


That’s it for today. Till my next post, stay safe and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram HERE and on twitter HERE

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  1. I use flour instead of custard powder to make my custard. Have you already tried to cook custard with flour instead of custard powder? Does it taste different? Thanks for sharing your cooking experiment!

  2. OMG! This is awesome. My husband is a huge fan of Eko and moimoi. I will sure have to try this. Loving the fish shaped ones for the kids. Brilliant.
    Good Job Kemi.

  3. You are really a genius, cos I wouldn’t have even guessed that one could prepare agidi with custard! This sure came timely cos I’ve started introducing solids to my almost 11months old baby!! Must try it out!! Thanks a lot!

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