Egg Stew

So I am having a not so good day. Firstly, my child minder resumed late, which means I was going to get later than planned to the restaurant. Minder arrived, I quickly grabbed my bag and made a dash for the car and guess what? today of all days my car wouldn’t start! this has never happened in more than 2 years I have had this particular car. I got out of the car towards the off licence near me while walking and checking my bag to see if I’ve got oyster anywhere in there (fortunately I had) topped up my oyster, hopped on the bus and got to the restaurant. My restaurant is just six minutes drive to my house, I ended up spending about an hour getting to the restaurant. I had a quick drink of red bull (I just had to…lol) and began chef duties for the day. Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse guess what happened? Ewa agonyin sauce turned into burnt offering. Remember  in my Ewa agonyin sauce recipe I made a warning about there being a thin line between nicely done Ewa agonyin sauce and burnt offering? oh well, I crossed that line today. Anyway, that is how my day is going but as promised on my instagram page HERE, here I am typing the recipe for egg stew.

I remember growing up my mum would prepare this quick, delicious egg stew which we normally had with boiled yam or Agege bread with tea (I hated tea as a kid..i still don’t like it much now but I do take it) on Saturday or Sunday mornings. A simple yet fulfilling breakfast that fuels one for the day ahead. Egg stew is popular in most Nigerian homes and I am yet to find any Nigerian who grew up in Nigeria in my generation that doesn’t know this dish. Let’s get cooking guys…

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 5 minutes

Total time: 10 minutes


2 Tomatoes

1 Onion

4 eggs

1 stock cube


Sunflower oil


1) Peel, rinse and chop the onions then rinse and chop the tomatoes.


2) Season with half of the stock cube and salt. Mix in the seasoning.


3) In a frying pan, pour sunflower oil and heat. When oil is hot, reduce heat and pour in the chopped tomatoes and onions. Fry for about 3 minutes


I like the onions soft and translucent rather than crispy like some prefer (my hubs actually makes the onion crispy when he cooks it)

5) Break the eggs in a bowl, add remaining half of the stock cube, salt to taste and whisk


6) Add the egg to the tomatoes and onions mixture


7) When it starts to curdle, turn with spoon to get the scrambled look and let the egg fry for 1-2 minutes.

egg stew

That’s egg stew done. Serve and enjoy with yam, agege bread, plantain or any meal of your choice.


Below is Agege bread and egg stew for breakfast. For my agege bread recipe, click HERE

Egg stew


fried egg

Note: You can also add green pepper, scotch bonnet to the recipe

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3 thoughts on “Egg Stew

  1. Ah sorry sis.Had my own experience of the burnt offering last Sunday . I used your ewa agonyin was going well I was feeling fly until bros called and I left the kitchen to pick call and do love.The end.Had to dispose the sauce and turn the beans to porridge beans abi wetin dem dey call that one .
    Well done, the lord is your strength. Hugs

    1. Thanks at ‘go and pick call and do love’..A little distraction is all it takes. I had to chuck the ‘burnt offering’ in the bin. I made another batch immediately though

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