It’s few days to Easter weekend and a good time to give my christain followers recipe for a popular Easter friday meal. It’s Frejon! Frejon is beans and coconut milk dish served on good Friday popular among Brazilians and Nigerians. It is traditionally served with fish stew, peppered snail (according to wikipedia) and garri. Find below recipe for Frejon:

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 50 minutes 

Total time: 60 minutes

Meal type: Main, celebration


2 cups Black beans (You can substitute with honey beans as i did)

400ml Coconut milk

5-6 tablespoons Sugar


1/4 teaspoon Cinnamon (Optional)

Clove (Optional)



1) Pick the beans, rinse and pour in a pressure pot. Add water and cook till soft.


This takes about 25-35 minutes in a pressure pot. It takes longer without pressure pot.


2) When beans is soft, pour in a blender.


3) Add the coconut milk and blend


The blending takes less than a minute if beans is well cooked.


4) Pour the mixture in a pot, add sugar, salt, cinnamon and clove, put on heat and stir till thickens. Turn off heat when thickened.


5) Frejon is ready to eat. Serve with fish stew and garri


4) I served it with Hake fish stew and Garri Ijebu




So are you going to cook Frejon on Easter friday?

Have a happy Easter celebration☺

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  1. Gosh you make stuff look so easy! Would have liked to prepare this for my people but I don’t have a pressure and deliberately stopped making beans as its been chopping my gas and yet doesn’t come out soft. I will get that pressure cooker soonest and will make this once I do. And I’d post it up too! Well done. Well done!!

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