Nigerian Beef Stew

Beef stew is one of the most versatile Nigerian stew. It is prepared and enjoyed all over Nigeria. It is red almost orangish in colour and oh so appealing to the eyes. Personally, If I don’t have stew (beef, chicken, fish or turkey) I believe I do not have food in the house. I can survive few days without stew but 4 days without stew and that’s taking it too far..yes I love my Nigerian stew just like that. This recipe has been in my draft since October 2014 and I totally forgot it there like many others in my draft which I will be publishing soon. I only realised when Ebun came to dine at my restaurant and asked me for the stew recipe.She, fellow food blogger and friend Phisayo and Funmi couldn’t stop talking about how delicious it was..infact they called me witch on the day due to the fact of how on point everything they ate were! What did they expect though I don’t just talk the talk or write the write on the, I do the do! so if you want to experience a taste of K’s Cuisine come on in to my restaurant or email me for a bespoke order. It’s free delivery within 2 miles by the way 🙂

Back to Beef stew, here is one of the method I use in cooking beef stew (yes I have other methods of cooking it). This is method 1..Let’s get cooking:

Beef stew Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time 70 minutes

Total time: 80 minutes



Vegetable or Sunflower oil


Scotch bonnet (ata rodo)

Bell pepper (Tatashe)


Stock cubes


1) Blend the pepper and onion IMG_9733 2) Pour in a pot, put on heat and boil to reduce water content 20150505_1536293) Boil beef with chopped onions and stock cube 20150503_1707524) Grill or fry the boiled meat. IMG_0062 5) In a pot, add vegetable oil and chopped onions and heat (If you fried the beef use the vegetable oil from frying the beef) IMG_5225 Put the Onions in the boiled pepper then leave the vegetable oil to heat some more

I do this because if I leave the onions in for the oil to heat to the temperature I want the onions will burn

6)  When heated, pour in the boiled pepper, add meat stock, stock cubes and salt and let it fry beef stew 7) Add the beef to the stew and let it fry some more IMG_0171 Cover slightly with pot cover to minimise splash all over cooker, kitchen worktop, etc.. IMG_0072 Leave to fry for another 10 minutes IMG_0169 That’s beef stew ready to be enjoyed. IMG_0171 You can eat with bread, rice, any swallow, yam, plantain, etc.. the possibilities are endless. beef stew Enjoy Nigerian beef stew .This picture below was taken in 2014 🙂 IMG_0161 Bon appetit IMG_0079 Beef stew served with Ewedu and Amala

Amala with beef stew


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