Ewedu is green leafy vegetable that is cooked to accompany stew for swallow. Remember that green soup that is a component of abula? that’s right..that is the beloved Ewedu. Few days ago I was having a group chat with my friends and two of them said they never get ewedu cooking right. I described to them how to cook Ewedu without stress. So the next day I decided to take pictures and post the steps on the blog.

For my recipe, no need for Ijabe nor kaun. Blender does much better than Ijabe in that you don’t get to have broom break off in your ewedu plus you save yourself all that arm work.  I follow these easy steps below and I get green good ewedu that draws. If you have been having trouble getting ewedu right or you are one of those forced to settle to using okro to make ewedu draw (Yes some people actually do that) s top that today and follow the steps below. I mean what if you have to cook ewedu for someone that doesn’t eat okro? Yeah right! So guys let’s do Ewedu 101:


Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 2 minutes

Total time: 12 minutes



Locust beans (Iru)

Stock cubes



1) Pick the Ewedu leaves from the stalk and wash with warm water to get rid of dirt.

2) Put in a blender and blend with little water

If you blend with too much water, Ewedu will be watery and won’t draw well


3) Pour the blended ewedu in a pot.


4) Add locust beans, stock cubes and salt. Put on heat and cook for 2 minutes.

Do not overcook and remember to take it off heat because ewedu keeps cooking with retained heat for atleast another 2 minutes. depending on quantity


5) Take off heat and that’s ewedu ready.


Green, slimy, delicious Ewedu.


Ewedu and Amala are match made in foodie heaven thereby I served it with Amala below. Bliss 🙂

Ewedu, stew and amala

That’s it guys. Try this method and don’t forget to comment on the blog with feedback. Also follow me on instagram @kscuisine

IMG_7220To appreciate how the Ewedu turned out, watch this video on my instagram page HERE


2 thoughts on “Ewedu

  1. Thanks Kemi👍….pls the stew for Ewedu, is it any stew or do they have special way of preparing it?

    Also….pls can you help me with your recipe for “Asun”(hope I got the spelling).

    I want to try ou dishes that I have not eaten or prepared before now.

    Preparing the Alapa this weekend(though I will use foil or plate). Have not really gotten my hands to wrap with leaves.


    1. You’re welcome Nneka. You can use various stews for Ewedu. Just check the stew category on my blog for buka stew, fish stew, beef stew and many more. I will put up Asun recipe soon. Thanks for comment and don’t forget to feedback when you’ve tried the Alapa.

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