Asun (spicy smoked goat meat)

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Today’s recipe is for Asun. Asun is very spicy smoked goat meat. It is traditionally prepared over open fire (grill) then sautéed in hot pepper and spices. This delicacy can be served as appetiser, main meal or snack.

Asun is prepared with goat meat with skin on but for those of us who live abroad and do not get goat with skin on you can also use the one without. Also the meat can be grilled in oven in the absence of open fire. Follow my recipe to making flavor packed asun. Let’s cook:



1kg Goat meat

3 scotch bonnet (red, green and yellow)

1 Onion

2 stock cubes



1) Wash the goat meat and put in a pot. Season with 1 stock cube  and salt and boil


K’s Cuisine tip: Do not add water to boil the goat meat. Boil on very low heat so the water that comes from the meat doesn’t dry up too quick.

2) When the goat meat is cooked soft increase the heat and let the stock dry up with the meat


Tip: This ensures all flavour from the goat meat is retained.

3) When the water dries up you should get a bit of fat from the goat meat settle in the pot. Keep this aside.


4) Cut the goat meat in bite size, pour in oven tray and grill in the oven.


5) Rough blend the peppers and onion. You can use food processor for this.


You can use just red scotch bonnet. I prefer the 3 for colours and flavor 

6) In a wok, add the oil from the goat meat then add the rough blended peppers. Pour in the grilled goat meat and sautéed for a minute or two.



7) Taste for seasoning and adjust accordingly.


That’s Asun ready


Serve and enjoy


This can be eaten as starter or main meal


Bon appetit


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spicy goat meat

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