Ofe Nsala (White Soup)

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The last few weeks have been a busy one as the kids have been on holiday and also i have been making some major organisation with the home and also the business. Hope you all enjoyed the Easter break like i did. Today’s recipe is White Soup.

White soup is called Ofe Nsala by the igbos and Afia Efere by the Calabar people. This is one very popular soup in Eastern Nigeria. Why is it called white soup you might want to know. It’s because it does not make use of palmoil and hence the pale look of the soup compared to soups made with palm oil.
This soup is easy to prepare and delicious. It is traditionally made with catfish. For this recipe, I made use of seafood only including the traditional catfish but you can add meat and chicken if you like.

This soup is one of the easiest and fastest to prepare. Just like Ila asepo and what’s more? it’s delicious!  Let’s get cooking:


2 Catfish

Few pieces Smoked fish

Few pieces Stock fish ( I used fillet)

3 tablespoons Ground crayfish

Few pieces Fresh Prawns

1 wrap Ogiri

2 stock cubes

1 tablespoon blended Uziza seeds or peppersoup spice

Yam cubes or yam powder

Uziza or Basil leaves



1) Prepare the thickener by boiling the yam cubes and pounding. If using fresh yam check out how to pound yam in food processor HERE.

If using yam powder, add hot water to yam flour and turn till it forms smooth paste then set aside


2) In a pot, add 3 cups of water then add the stock fish and smoked fish fillet.

IMG_50723) Add ground pepper, crayfish, stock cubes, uziza seeds and ogiri and leave to boil for 10 minutes


IMG_50804) Add fresh prawns, taste for salt and adjust according then add the yam paste in small lumps , cover and leave to cook for another 5-10minutes or till yam dissolves


5) The yam paste will be dissolved by now, add in the catfish, crayfish, scotch bonnet and uziza leaves.

IMG_5101 Leave to cook for another 10 minutes then take off heat.


That’s Ofe Nsala done.



Ofe nsala

Enjoyafia efere

Enjoy with pounded yam, or any swallow of choice.

white soup

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