Zahmilah Grilled Beef

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Appreciation to everyone who has purchased the Zahmilah ebook. I see you all and thank you for coming through. To those who haven’t purchased their copy, please do so HERE . Don’t be left out of experiencing the Zahmilah sauce goodness.

As promised, I will be sharing recipes of food to cook with the sauce. So today’s Recipe is Zahmilah grilled beef. Let’s cook:

Zahmilah grilled beef


2kg Beef

4-6oz Zahmilah sauce (click here to purchase the Zahmilah sauce book)

2 Stock Cubes


2 tablespoon Sunflower Oil


1) Cut beef into  medium thin fillet , chunks or steak

Zahmilah grilled beef

2) Pat dry, add stock Cubes, salt and Zahmilah sauce. Mix well, cover the beef and leave in the fridge to Marinate for 60minutes


3) Heat tablespoon of Sunflower oil  in a pan and sear both sides of the beef. Transfer back into the oven dish or tray.

Zahmilah grilled beef

4 )Add 3 tablespoons of Zahmilah sauce, rub in the meat and grill in the oven on 150 degrees for 30 minutes or till done. Turn and brown the other side.


Remember to coat the beef at intervals with the juice from the tray.


5) That’s Zahmilah grilled beef done. It was superb. Packed full of flavour, tender, juicy and moist. Easy cooking bold flavour!

I Served it with buttered rice and hot pepper sauce.

Zahmilah grilled beef

Hot pepper sauce recipe is in The Zahmilah book . Will post buttered rice recipe next.

Zahmilah grilled beef

6) I served our guests this and they asked for more. Hubby friend’s wife asked me how I seasoned the meat and ofcourse I referred her to the Zahmilah book😊

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