Microwave Mug Moin Moin

Hello K fam and Cands, how are you all doing? Today i am giving you a recipe with super quick cooking time. It’s microwave mug moin moin! Oh yes we changing the moin moin game.

It’s no doubt moin moin takes time from start to finish. From peeling beans, to blending, mixing, wrapping in leaves and then the cooking time! It is a labour of love no doubtūüėĀ. Years ago i gave you the super fast method of peeling beans with blender (HERE) and today i’m giving you a super fast method of cooking moin moin. Let’s Cook:

microwave mug moin moin


Moin Moin batter (check HERE)


Boiled Eggs (sliced)

Mackerel (boiled and deboned)


1) Get all ingredients ready. To peel beans for moin moin batter using blender click HERE, For recipe for moin moin batter click HERE.

So, u have the batter mixed and ready

IMG_20662) Pour batter into mugs


3) Add eggs, mackerel and vegetables


You can also use any microwave safe bowl. Like below i used plastic containers but then they will be called microwave moin moinūüėā


4) Cover moin moin filled mug with a microwave safe lid, put in the microwave and initially cook on defrost setting using weight defrost at 20g for 3-4 minutes then switch to microwave setting for another 2 minutes. It takes about 5 minutes in total but depending on microwave model and size of mug cooking timer may slightly vary.

microwave cooked moin moin

5) Microwave moin moin is ready.

microwave moin moin

Just take a look at that…Cooked in out, moist and fluffy! I used a big mug so one mug was enough for one person

IMG_2140 I did some by steaming on stove top. I kid you not we had finished dinner and it must have started digesting before the stove top one was done!

mug moin moin

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Curry Goat

Hello K’s Cuisine Cands, It’s been a minute here. How are you all doing?¬†Like i wrote in my last post that i was going to post more recipes on what i did with the ingredients from the hamper from Grace foods UK,¬†so here’s another recipe and it’s Carribean Curry goat.

Carribean curry goat is delicious and flavorful and what more? It’s made with goat meat. To me, any recipe that includes goat meat is a winner..lol. Let’s Cook

Curry goat

Preparation time:

Cooking time:

Total time:


5 tablespoons Dunn’s river Carribean curry powder

Goat meat with bone (Cut in cubes)


Scotch bonnet

1 table spoon Thyme

1 teaspoon black pepper


2 cloves Garlic

1 Peeled Potatoes

1 Cooking spoon Vegetable or Sunflower Oil


1) Wash the goat meat and season with a tablespoon of curry powder, scotch bonnet, spring onions, garlic, pepper. Cover with cling film and leave in the fridge for 2-6 hours.


2) Remove the seasoning from the goat meat and set aside

3) In a pot, heat oil on medium heat then add in the remaining 4 tablespoons of curry powder. Stir the curry powder in oil until it starts to change colour


Be Careful not to burn the curry.

4) Add in the marinated goat meat and stir for two minutes. Be careful not to burn the goat meat.


5) Add 3 cups of water, stir and cover the pot with lid.


6) Leave to cook on low heat for 90 minutes. If meat not tender after this time, add some more water, the seasoning removed from meat earlier and leave to cook for more time.

8) When meat is tender and pulling off bone, adjust seasoning and add potatoes in to thicken.


9) Simmer for 10 minutes and take off heat


Curry Goat is all ready. Enjoy with Rice and Peas.

Curry goat


Curry goat

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Adalu (Beans and Corn Pottage)

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know beans is not exactly one of my favourite food. Infact, growing up¬†I totally hated beans like I gisted in my beans pottage recipe HERE. Now I do eat beans every now and then but my dearest daughters do everything to resist this food.¬†Anytime it’s beans for lunch or dinner they start by protesting ‘mum I don’t like beans’, ‘I don’t want to eat beans’, then they squeeze their faces and eventually because they know mum aint gonna have none of it, they¬†eat amidst protest 80 percent of what is meant to be side to the beans (garri, bread, pap or anything else)¬†and 20 percent of the beans but I’m still thankful because I have hope that eventually like me they will get to a stage where they willingly eat beans. Karma unh? lol.

Adalu is simply beans and corn cooked together. You can use fresh cornn or sweetcorn. Here I have used sweetcorn. The process of cooking adalu is similar to my beans pottage recipe¬†HERE and I have even borrowed some pictures from there to use on here. It’s a straightforward recipe¬†so let’s go:


Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 55 minutes

Total time:1 hour


Black eyed beans

Palm oil

Stock cubes



Pepper (fresh blended or ground dry pepper)


1) Wash beans and cook in a pressure pot. If you don’t have pressure pot cook with a regular pot till beans soft.

IMG_78882) Pour palm oil in a pot and put on medium heat. Add chopped onions and stir for 1-2 minutes before pouring the blended pepper in the oil. Add bouillion (maggi cubes) and salt and let this fry for 3-5 minutes.


3) Add the cooked beans into the pepper mixture and add a cup of water. Don’t make it too watery. If your cooked beans has high water content already you might not need to add water.¬†Cover the pot and let the beans cook with the pepper mixture ¬†for 5 minutes.


5) Use cooking spoon to mash the beans then add the sweet corn.

I like beans melt in the mouth so I make sure beans is well cooked almost pureed before adding sweetcorn. If you don’t like it this way then adjust to your preference.


6) Leave to cook for another 2-5 minutes and adalu is ready to eat.



Enjoy on it’s own or with a side of dodo, garri or pap.


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Alapa (Jogi)

Last night I made Alapa. I asked my husband what he would like to have it with. Bread, Pap or Garri and the following conversation happened:

Hubby-¬†‘are we having moin¬† moin?

Me- No it’s not moin moin, it’s Alapa.

Hubby- ‘Alapa? what’s that? Is it Sapala? ‘

Me- No it’s not sapala, It’s Alapa also known as Jogi.

Hubby- ‘hmmmm..I have never heard or eaten that. Interesting’

Lol…So I bet most of you haven’t heard or tasted Alapa before. It has been years i ate it myself. My memory of this recipe was of my mum making it during ramadan. It wasnt something she made regularly. She would make it in bulk and even¬†fry some to preserve. I had totally forgotten about it untill my sister asked me to put recipe on the blog just before ramadan started but I was too busy to do it then. Few weeks ago my mum also reminded me that i had not put up the recipe. She refreshed my memory on how to make it and finally here i am¬†posting the recipe. All thanks to my mum for this recipe. Let’s Cook:



Preparation time: 20 minutes

Cooking time: 60 minutes

Total time; 80 minutes


2 cups peeled beans (For easy method of peeling beans click HERE)

2 cups whole Egusi

2 scotch bonnet

2 bell peppers

2 onion

3 stock cubes


Boiled egg (Optional)

Boiled fish (Optional)


1) Dry roast the egusi seeds


2) Blend together the roasted egusi, peeled beans, scotch bonnet, bell pepper and onions till smooth


3) Pour blended mixture in a bowl and whip with hand mixer for 5-10 minutes


4) Add in crayfish, stock cubes, salt to taste


Tip: Dissolve stock cubes in hot water before adding to mixture


5) Stir well and wrap in leaves, foil, ramekin or plastic container


6) Arrange in ¬†a pot and Steam cook for atleast 45 minutes or till it’s done


7) Alapa is ready


8) Looks just like moin moin but taste slightly different. It is delicious.


9) I served it with two tone Eko (Agidi)


It can be preserved by frying. Just heat oil and deep fry.

Alapa with Agidi

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Ewa agonyin using hand mixer

So I’ve been a little under the weather. On Wednesday I had a bad headache while at the restaurant. I took some paracetamol and got on with it. I got home and body ache started. Oh no! God please no..not now. I quickly took some painkillers, praying it doesn’t escalate. Thankfully I slept off and woke up Thursday morning with the pains greatly reduced.

I headed to the restaurant and was making Ewa agonyin. My pressure pot had done a very good job as usual and the beans was super soft already. I just needed to mash the beans with wooden Spoon aka Orogun or omorogun and I thought no no omorogun 2day. I was taking it real slow as the fear of body ache is the beginning of wisdom..lol.

I know people use blender and food mixer to mash¬†beans¬†but hey I ain’t got time for that because if it doesn’t simplify the job, it’s not for me. Firstly the whole batch won’t go in a blender at a go so looking at¬†four batches for the¬†over¬†8 litres beans i made was a¬†big no no. Secondly the washing up of blender afterwards and d messy stuff..No! So guess what I did guys? I simply brought out my hand mixer and in less than a minute (you read that right) less than a minute I got me my mashed beans. Ewa agonyin with no stress, no mess. So guys welcome to K’s Cuisine easy peasy mashing of beans for¬†ewa agonyin.

My body thanked me for the thoughtfulness. I will be using the hand mixer for other things this week and I will share with you. Say bye to omorogun, blender and whatever for ewa agonyin, embrace the One minute no stress, no sweat, no mess hand mixer ewa agonyin!

Ewa agonyin

For my full ewa agonyin recipe, Click HERE

Below is the Video of the Process

Have a good weekend ūüôā



It’s few days to Easter weekend and a good time to give my christain followers recipe for a popular Easter friday meal. It’s Frejon! Frejon is beans and coconut milk dish served on good Friday popular among Brazilians and Nigerians. It is traditionally served with fish stew, peppered snail (according to wikipedia) and garri. Find below recipe for Frejon:

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 50 minutes 

Total time: 60 minutes

Meal type: Main, celebration


2 cups Black beans (You can substitute with honey beans as i did)

400ml Coconut milk

5-6 tablespoons Sugar


1/4 teaspoon Cinnamon (Optional)

Clove (Optional)



1) Pick the beans, rinse and pour in a pressure pot. Add water and cook till soft.


This takes about 25-35 minutes in a pressure pot. It takes longer without pressure pot.


2) When beans is soft, pour in a blender.


3) Add the coconut milk and blend


The blending takes less than a minute if beans is well cooked.


4) Pour the mixture in a pot, add sugar, salt, cinnamon and clove, put on heat and stir till thickens. Turn off heat when thickened.


5) Frejon is ready to eat. Serve with fish stew and garri


4) I served it with Hake fish stew and Garri Ijebu




So are you going to cook Frejon on Easter friday?

Have a happy Easter celebration‚ėļ

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Ewa agonyin

For someone who hated eating beans when growing up, this is one method of cooking beans that makes me eat beans at all. I hated eating beans when I was young so much that I would rather go hungry than put beans in my mouth..lol. Then came a day 7years ago when my mum’s friend Mrs Phillips persuaded me to try Ewa agonyin.Verdict? I now cook and eat this delicacy once in a while…Yes. Ewa agonyin did it for me! 😄

What makes Ewa agonyin is the special sauce the beans is served with. So let me take you through the whole process of achieving this.

Ewa agonyin


2 cups brown beans or white black eyed beans

1 medium size red onion

1 brown onion (chopped)

maggi cube (or any stock cube of your choice)

4 tablespoon grounded dry pepper (mixture of dry bell pepper and habanero)

2 fresh tomatoes

1 cup of palmoil



*Wash the beans thoroughly, add water, salt and cook in a pressure pot. If you do not have a pressure cooker, you can cook in normal pot but you have to cook it for a long time as the beans needs to be cooked till it’s very soft.



*When the beans is very soft, mash it well with wooden or cooking spoon to form a paste. This should not be watery.


That’s your beans done. Now set the beans aside and proceed to make the sauce.

*Blend together the dry pepper, tomatoes and the red onion.

*Set pot on the cooker, add palm oil and let it heat for about 2 minutes till it changes colour to brown. Remember this sauce requires a lot of Palmoil. Once the Palmoil has changed colour, take it off the cooker and let it cool.


*Put the pot back on the cooker and immediately add the chopped onions. Lower the heat and let the onion fry until it caramelises. This process takes a while.. About 10minutes.


When the onions get caramelised, go ahead and  add the blended pepper and let it fry. The longer it fries, the more the pepper changes colour.



*Keep stirring till you achieve a dark colour then add maggi cube and salt to taste.

You have to be careful not to overfry as the sauce can quickly go from well done to being burnt!

When you’ve achieved this colour, take the sauce off the cooker.

Serve the beans and put the sauce on it. There you have it! Good old fashioned Ewa agonyin!

Ewa agonyin

*Ewa agonyin is best served with bread. You can also have it with fried plantain, garri or yam.