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FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY: Let me teach you tips i have picked up in food photography and making food look delicious on Camera.
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Grilled Catfish

I’m back!

Hello all, it’s been a minute I posted on here. How have you all been? I have actually been active on my social media pages and those of you that follow my pages wouldn’t have missed much.

Anyway today’s post is my recipe for grilled Catfish which I shared on my instagram page sometime ago.

My grilled Catfish recipe is simple easy steps as with most of my recipes yet superb outcome. You can apply the recipe to other types of Fish. Let’s Cook:

Grilled Catfish


3 Whole Catfish

3 tbspn K’s Cuisine Multipurpose Seasoning

3 tbspn K’s Cuisine Suya Spice

2 tbspn sunflower or vegetable oil

1 stock cube


Moin Moin leaves or Foil


1) Clean and gut the Catfish. Leave to drain then make punctures in the fish (or slash) with knife.


2) Line oven dish or tray with moin moin leaves and arrange the fish on it.

Grilled Catfish


3) Season Fish generously with K’s Cuisine Multipurpose Seasoning. Cover with leaves or foil and leave in the fridge to Marinate for 60 minutes.

Grilled Catfish

3) Bring Fish out of the fridge , sprinkle with K’s Cuisine Suya spice and Sunflower Oil then grill in the oven at 150C for 60 minutes or till done.


Step 5 is Optional

5) Bring Fish out, top with Hot Pepper Sauce. Return back in the oven uncovered and grill for another 5 minutes. Bring out and top with more hot sauce.

Grilled Catfish

Enjoy fish with any side of choice. We had it with chips in the picture below 🙂

Bon appetit

Grilled Catfish

Note : Moin Moin leaves or Banana leaves gives unique flavour. It was super delicious.

Till my next post, stay blessed.



To love is to Live”

Assorted fish and beef sauce

Yesterday I made one of my go to sauce for when I want a different taste to the regular stew. I was not so busy at the time I was cooking it so I decided to capture the process for the blog. This sauce is my go to for when I want something quick, delicious and fuss free. I wasn’t sure what to call it ..simple sauce? assorted sauce? pepper sauce? I have for now decided to call it assorted fish and beef sauce because it makes use of atleast 3 types of fish. If you have a better name for it please let me know but for now, let’s Cook:

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 15 minutes

Total time: 20 minutes


400g tin chopped tomatoes or 4 fresh tomatoes

2 scotch bonnet (rodo)

3 large onions

1 large bell pepper

2 stock cubes

Few pieces smoked, grilled or fried mackerel or any fish of choice

1 dried  smoked catfish

Stock fish

Fried meat

Fried assorted meat (Optional)

2 cooking spoons vegetable or sunflower oil


1) Chop the onions, bell pepper, scotch bonnet and tomatoes.


2) In a pan, heat the vegetable oil, add sliced onions and fry for 2 minutes.


3) Add the chopped tomatoes, bell pepper , scotch bonnet, stock cubes and salt.


4) Add stock fish, followed by the smoked catfish, mackerel, fried beef and leave sauce to fry for 10 minutes.


You can either shred the smoked fish or leave in whole. Also for this sauce you can add shrimps , turkey or whatever you have in the freezer. However the dried fish and grilled fish gives the vava voom to this sauce.

Pepper sauce

There you have it. Delicious, simple sauce which can be served with rice, boiled potatoes, yam, bread, etc. I served it with rice below.


It’s super tasty even in its simplicity and thus has been my go to quick sauce for many years.

assorted fish sauce

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Prawn Suya Stir Fry

Today’s recipe is a quick, easy recipe that is easy to prepare. It is cheap, healthy and above all yummy. It is K’s Cuisine Prawn suya stir fry! burst full of flavours and yummy goodness. This was dinner day ago. I wanted a super quick meal and decided on this. Let me warn you, the prawn suya is so good you might eat half before it goes in the stir Let’s get cooking:


Preparation time: 4 minutes

Cooking time: 8 minutes

Total time: 12 minutes


K’s Cuisine Suya spice


3 tablespoons Vegetable oil

1 medium Red, green and yellow bell peppers (Sliced)

1 Red Onions (for colour) (sliced)

1 Brown Onion (Sliced)

2 cloves Garlic (chopped)

Carrot (diced)

Soy sauce

1 Stock cube



1) Marinate the prawns in suya spice.


If prepared ahead leave for 2hours to marinate

2) In a wok, add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, when heated add in the prawns. Stir around for 2-3 minutes then empty into a bowl


3) In the emptied wok, add a tablespoon of vegetable oil then add the Onions and garlic.


4) Sautee for a minute then add in the peppers, carrot, cabbage, stock cube and salt.


6) Toss around and stir for 5 minutes


7) Add in the prawns, stir , leave for a minute then take off heat


8) Prawn suya stir fry is ready. Serve with rice, noodles, pasta, potatoes or any food of choice.

stirfry 2


Knowing well my love for rice you can bet i served it with fluffy white rice. This recipe is quick, easy, healthy, cheap and yummy. Win win all round so get cooking people 🙂


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Bon appetite

stir fry 3

“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.” – Ruth Reichl


How to make pounded yam using a food processor

When I first learnt from a friend years ago about making pounded yam in food processor, I was like wow! that is real cool. Even though I’m not a pounded yam fan but when it comes to kitchen task, I love any gadget or appliance that makes the work easier and faster. I’m all for the easy life! who wouldn’t be pleased to know you don’t have to go through the task of sweating it out over a mortar and pestle making pounded yam? that you can whip up hot pounded yam anytime you so wish without being put off by the physical exercise it involves?

At the time my friend gave me this information, what I had was a mini chopper. I put it to test and yes it made pounded yam. I had since made pounded yam in a food processor and also in a stand mixer. I will be posting how to with mini chopper and stand mixer in another post but for now here is how to make pounded yam in a food processor.

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 25 minutes

Total time: 30 minutes

You will need

Food processor with dough blade



1) Cut yam into small shapes and rinse.


2) Put rinsed yam in a pot, pour water to be slightly above the yam and boil yam till very soft.

Do not add salt. Yam for pounded yam is unsalted.


3) When yam is cooked till soft and while pot is still on heat, pick the yam slices into the food processor.

If there are still yam cubes left in the pot , do not take off heat. Yam should be from heat to food processor.


4) Switch on the food processor and watch it turn your boiled yam to pounded yam. It takes approximately 1 minute to achieve this.


Few seconds and already churning away beautifully



Pounded yam is done and it takes less than 2 minutes to make it in food processor


5) Using a spatula or spoon scoop out hot pounded yam into a plate.

pounded yam

See how stretchy, smooth and fluffy the pounded yam is? That’s easy peasy pounded yam with no sweat of pounding with mortar and pestle.

food processor pounded yam

Enjoy with groundnut soup (HERE), Ogbono (HERE), Ila asepo (HERE) or any other soup.

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Groundnut Soup

Do you know that groundnut is a source of Vitamins? Groundnut provides over 30 essential nutrients including folate (B9), niacin (B3), Vitamin E,  Magnesium and Phosphorus. Vitamin B helps to maintain a healthy heart while Vitamin E helps to protect cells from oxidative stress. Infact, groundnuts are richer in antioxidants than carrots (how cool is that?), they are high in proteins and free of trans fat and sodium.

Like Ogbono soup, I was introduced to groundnut soup 10 years ago during my NYSC by my friend Esi. When she told me years ago she was making groundnut soup for lunch I looked at her like really? there is groundnut soup? lol.

I didn’t like groundnut as a snack and still don’t eat it that way. However, i like groundnut soup a lot. My not liking roasted groundnut used to amuse my friends and family who feel every Nigerian  must love groundnut rolls eyes

Anyway, On that day i watched Esi cook the soup, i ate it for the first time and it was fingerlicking good! Did I tell you Esi is from Edo? i think i did in my Ogbono soup post. So people you are getting authentic recipe as taught to me by my friend Esi 🙂 .  Here we go:

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 40 minutes

Total time: 50 minutes


300g Groundnut

2 tablespoons ground cayenne pepper or 2-3 fresh scotch bonnet (rodo)

Beef and assorted meat

Stock fish, dried catfish and dried shawa

2 tablespoons grounded crayfish


2 Bouillion cubes (maggi cubes)

1-2 cooking spoons Palm oil



1) Dry roast raw groundnuts in a frying pan for about 3 minutes while stirring constantly.


2) Using a dry mill, blend the roasted groundnut into powdery form. You can either peel the skin off the groundnut before grinding or grind with skin on.

Esi says peel before grinding. I sometimes peel and sometimes I don’t. For this one, I peeled half and blended half unpeeled so you can see what it looks like with both.

the one on the right was peeled before blending while the one on the left wasn't  peeled.
the one on the right was peeled before blending while the one on the left wasn’t peeled.


3) Boil the beef, assorted meat and stock fish. Add in the washed and deboned dry catfish and dried shawa. The meat should have about 500ml of stock. If it doesn’t  add water.

I boil beef separately from the offals. I also boil stock fish separately before adding to the meat.


4) Add the pepper, maggi cubes and palm oil. Cover the pot and leave to boil




5) Add the groundnut bit by bit till you get a creamy consistency and stir in well. If too thick add water till you get your desired consistency


6) Leave to cook for 15-20 minutes or till oil floats to the top while stirring constantly so as not to burn.


7) Add bitterleaf and leave soup to simmer for 3-5 minutes.

Adding bitterleaf is optional but I say it makes a lot of difference. You see, groundnut soup has a sweetness to it and bitterleaf just gives it that perfect contrast . However use just a little so as not to mar the taste of groundnut soup.


8) That is groundnut soup ready. Serve with pounded yam, Eba, bulgur wheat fufu , Amala or any swallow of your choice.


I served with pounded yam and my next post will be about how I made the pounded yam with no stress 🙂


Groundnut soup with cone shaped pounded yam
Groundnut soup with cone shaped pounded yam

groundnut soup

Groundnut soup

Finger licking goodness. Enjoy 🙂

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Ila asepo (Okro soup)

Ila asepo (okro soup) is a one pot okro soup. Okro is usually served with a separate stew but when all the ingredients of stew go into the okro in one pot, it is then called Ila asepo. Asepo means cooked together in Yoruba which explain how the name Ila asepo came about.

When it comes to Ila asepo, it is popular among the Yorubas but Ondo people have it on lockdown! Ondo people are known for their love of one pot soup especially Ila asepo.

This method of cooking Ila asepo was passed down to my sister by her Ondo mother in law. My sister is married to Ondo man who is a very sure guy- my brother in law rocks 🙂 . My sister in turn taught me this method which is very similar to how I used to cook it but right up till years ago when she mentioned one ingredient, I had never heard of that ingredient before. Apparently, the ingredient called Ila fa is very common in Ondo’s Ila asepo cooking. She also taught me to blend the Okro end with the ogiri but I was never able to achieve that with my blender and I gave up on that a long time ago.

So with all thanks to my sister and her mother in law and with a little twist of my own, I give to you my recipe:

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 15 minutes


25 pieces medium sized Fresh Okro (lady fingers)

2 tablespoons locust beans (Iru)

2 tablespoons Ogiri

3 Bouillion cubes (maggi)


1-2 cooking spoons Palmoil

3-4 Scotch bonnet (ata rodo)

1 handful Dry Shawa fish

1/2 cup grounded Crayfish

1/2 cup Prawns

Ila Fa (Optional)

Few pieces Stock fish (Panla)- optional

1 medium size dry smoked catfish

Beef and assorted meat (shaki, ponmo, etc)

Vegetable such as Kale, Spinach, ugu, etc (Optional)


1) Wash the smoked fish by pouring hot water and salt on it, leave the fish in the water for 3 minutes then washout the dirt. Debone and shred the fish.


2) Boil the assorted meat ( shaki, ponmo,etc) seperately and set aside.


3) Blend half of the locust beans, Ogiri and scotch bonnet.

Note: I blend half of the locust beans as I like seeing the other half visibly in my okro. If you’d prefer for the locust beans not to be visible in your okro soup, blend all the locust beans with the pepper and ogiri.
4) Wash the Okro and grate or blend into small cubes. If blending, be careful to blend with minimal water.

5) Boil the beef with 1 maggi cube and salt.


K’s Cuisine recommendation: Do not add water to the beef. Beef brings out water when boiling. Just boil (more like steaming) on low heat and watch the meat bring out water.


6) When beef is tender, there will be stock in the pot from the beef. Add the assorted meat, smoked fish, palm oil, prawns and crayfish. Cover and leave to cook for 2 minutes.

Tip: If stock is too much in the meat after boiling, take out some of it. You do not want too much water as this can result in watery okro soup.
 7) Add Palmoil and the pepper/ogiri/locust beans mixture and leave to boil for 3-5 minutes



8) Add the grated or blended okro, the remaining half of locust beans, Ila fa and the  vegetable.




Do not cover pot after okro has been introduced into the pot and be careful not to overcook the Okro.

9) Taste for salt and seasoning, adjust accordingly, reduce the heat and let simmer for 5 minutes.

10) That’s Ila asepo done.

ila asepo (okro soup)

Enjoy with pounded yam, Eba, Amala, Semo or any other solid.

Okro soup

Ila asepo with poundo yam
Ila asepo with poundo yam

Ila asepo and pounded yam

okro soup


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Eba roll

Many of you readers have been asking me how I make Eba into rolls and other shapes and I promised to make a post on it. I had actually forgotten till the requests started coming in again.




I’m so sorry for the delay in making this post. Eba roll! I first saw this design on a friend’s bbm display picture and i was impressed as it made the Eba look funky. Kudos to the person that thought this design up!

The baker in me figured it’s basically like rolling pastry and I tried it out..I must say the first time I made my Eba into this shape my husband called it ‘Eba sausage’ lol.. he’s not far off as it’s just like rolling pastry the way sausage roll is done. So here we go..

Things you need: 

Eba (or any solid you want to shape)

Cling film or plastic bag (I prefer plastic wrap)

Rolling pin


1) Lay the plastic wrap or cling film on a flat surface.


2) Put the Eba on top of the plastic wrap right in the middle.


3) Fold the plastic wrap over the Eba. From the right or left it doesn’t matter.


4) Roll out the Eba with a rolling pin


5) Using the plastic wrap gently roll up the Eba.


Note: Your hand has no business touching the Eba until after you’ve rolled the Eba and that’s just to lift into the plate. Using the plastic bag to guide the roll makes it smooth and not messy.


That’s it. Very easy. It takes less than 2 minutes ( I do it in less than a minute..practice makes perfect😀) leaving your Eba still hot

Eba roll

Eba roll


1) Follow step 1,2, 3 and 4 above

2) Slice the Eba into strip using a wet knife or kitchen scissors. Use the plastic wrap to press edge of the cut for a smooth finish.


3) Roll up the Eba till you get to the other end. Use the plastic wrap to guide the roll.

4) Place in plate and serve with soup.


In the words of my friend Yetunde ‘See good old Eba looking funky’ heheee.