Green Goodie Smoothie

Hello all, hope you are all well.

Today’s recipe is for green smoothie. I call this one the green goodie smoothie.

Green smoothie is one easy way of getting vegetables and fruits into one’s diet. It is one delicious way of getting nutrients in the body.

Green smoothies are energy booster and provides the body with disease fighting antioxidants that boosts the immune system. We all know fruits and vegetables are good for us right? What more it takes just about 5 minutes to prepare!

Here is my green goodie smoothie recipe. Let’s go:

Green smoothie


2 handful Spinach

1 Green Apple

1/4 of a small Cucumber

1 banana

Milk or yoghurt

1/2 cup water



1) Put milk, water in the blender first then add the Spinach, banana, apple and cucumber


If using honey, add to the smoothie at step 1

2) Blend till very smooth


Serve and enjoy

Green smoothieI garnished it with fresh strawberries in these pictures

Green smoothie

I chill or freeze the fruits beforehand to get cold and ready to drink smoothies.



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Nutriblast Smoothie

Hello fam, Today i’m sharing with you one of my family favourite smoothie recipe.  It’s simple yet absolutely delicious. I Call it Nutriblast Smoothie because this smoothie provides a full blast of nutrients. It has a little bit of our favourite fruits without any overpowering the taste. For example my hubby loves Mango and i on the other hand not a big fan, i like oranges and berries. Combining all these brings out a classic taste which we are all cool with. So kfam, here is the recipe, Let’s go:



2 Oranges

1 small Mango (Peeled and cut)

1/6 of small size Pineapple

Handful Strawberry

1 Banana

1 small tub Yoghurt (about 150ml)

1 tablespoon Honey (Optional)


1) Pour yoghurt first in the blender.

K’s Cuisine Tip: Putting liquid base ease the blending process hence why yoghurt and orange goes in first.

2) Peel the oranges and add into the yoghurt.

I peeled the oranges and mot squeeze because the oranges i get here in the UK are seedless. If in Nigeria or elsewhere that oranges are not seedless please squeeze out the juice and discard the seeds


3) Add in all other fruits


K’s Cuisine tip: Freezing the fruits gives you a cold creamy ready to drink smoothie

4) Add in the honey (this step is optional)


4) Blend until very smooth and that’s nutriblast smoothie ready.

SmoothieServe and enjoy


nutriblast smoothie

Extra Tips

I pack fruits in portion in ziplock bag and freeze. When needed i bring out and blend. It gives cold smoothie and no need for use ice

I use milk or yoghurt base as they provide additional source of Calcium

If like me you don’t like smoothie too thick, add some water to blend.

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Zobo Chapman Slush…When Zobo meets Chapman

This is another Zobo recipe and I have more coming your way. Today’s recipe is Zobo slush or should I call it Zobo chapman slush? A combination of zobo and chapman this recipe is a winner. If you like chapman and zobo you will love this as you get to have both in one :).  Last year, I posted a tropical slush recipe HERE. I have simply adapted that process to make Zobo slush. Let’s go:

zobo slush

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Freezing time: 6 hours

Total time: 6 hours 5 minutes


Zobo drink (Recipe HERE)

Chapman (Recipe HERE)


1) Put Zobo drink in a freezer safe container and freeze for atleast 6 hours


2) Take out frozen zobo. Using ice cream scoop, scoop into a cup Zobo Slush I left the zobo for days in the freezer so it was rock solid. All I did was leave out for about 30 minutes to thaw a bit so I could scrape and scoop into cup

3) Add chapman into the zobo. This reacts with zobo and slush is formed. IMG_6839 4) Stir the drink


5) Insert one or two straws and enjoy.

zobo slush

I paired with Club Sandwich below. For club sandwich recipe, click HERE

Club sandwich

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Have a good weekend 🙂


Happy weekend to you people. How’s it going at your end? It’s going good here and I’m enjoying soaking up the summer sun. I have been posting refreshing drinks recipes in the last few days, I am posting another today and expect more in the coming days 🙂

Today’s recipe is Smoothie. Smoothie is simply blended fruits or fruit and vegetables. Most of my fruits intake is through fruit juice and smoothies. I mean having the pleasure of having as many fruits as possible in a cup of smoothie does it for me because not only do I get the nutrients from the fruits, I get a refreshing drink.This smoothie recipe I am sharing today is strawberry, pineapple, banana and orange smoothie but you can combine any fruits for your smoothie. So here is my recipe and tips on making the perfect fruity goodness called Smoothie. Let’s go:



Preparation time: 5 minutes





3 big Oranges

250ml Yoghurt

1 tablespoon honey (optional)



1) Pour yoghurt first in the blender.

Here I have used raspberry and cherry yoghurt


2) Peel the oranges and add into the yoghurt

K’s Cuisine Tip: Putting liquid base ease the blending process hence why yoghurt and orange goes in first.


3) Add in the frozen fruits

K’s Cuisine tip: Freezing the fruits gives you a cold creamy ready to drink smoothie

IMG_65224) Add in the honey (this step is optional)


4) Blend until very smooth


Smoothie is ready. Serve and enjoy


I  garnished with some left over strawberries


You can have Smoothie as breakfast, a meal, or as refreshment. It is filling, nutritious and I bet you will agree with me that it is very simple to make. So guys, get the fruits out today and make smoothie.

K’s Cuisine Extra Tips

Banana is very good fruit for smoothies as it gives smoothie a creamy taste

Use fruit yoghurts for extra fruity goodness

Freeze the fruits so you have a cold ready to drink smoothie


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Zobo Popsicles

We are still on summer refreshment because the temperature is soaring like that in the UK. Just yesterday it was so hot that I could barely function. I mean I love summer and all but yesterday was a bit much for me as I was in the kitchen performing chef duties as usual.

So yesterday, I posted my recipe for Zobo drink, today I am posting recipe for zobo popsicles which is a fun way of enjoying zobo drink. Zobo popsicles are as simple as using popsicles mould and it is a winner with everyone especially with the kids. Let’s go:

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Freezing time: 6 hours

Total time: 6hrs 5 minutes

You will need

Popsicle mould

Zobo drink (Click HERE for zobo drink recipe)



1) Wash popsicle mould with warm water and pour in zobo drink, insert the stick and freeze for at least 6 hours.

zobo popsicles

2) Brig the mould out of the freezer and carefully remove the popsicles from the mould


K’s Cuisine tip: To easily remove popsicle from mould, run warm water on mould

That’s Zobo popsicles done. Enjoy it on hot summer days or anytime you feel like.


It was so good and refreshing. My kids enjoyed it and kept asking for more and more.

Below is a picture of my dd1 (dearest daughter 1) enjoying Zobo popsicles..


and dd2 enjoying Zobo popsicles..



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Hello people…It’s been a couple of weeks I last blogged. This has been down partly to Ramadan but truth be told, I’ve been busy having so much fun. Firstly it’s summer, secondly my sister, nephew and nieces are around on holiday and as I only get to see them once or sometimes twice a year which is when they come over it’s always great spending quality time with them and we’ve had so much fun and still going hard at it all summer long 🙂 .

Chapman! the all time great Nigerian drink. This is a very popular drink and can be found in restaurants and bars in Nigeria. Chapman is very easy to make and oh so refreshing. Few weeks ago I and my crew were at the swimming pool where my kids have their swimming lessons and i was just reminiscing on the swimming experience I had as a kid back in Nigeria. Swimming pools for me then was not about going to swim per se, It was about the extras like chapman, snacks, hanging out with friends that are swimmers and to just simply have fun. I was always happy cheering my friends while enjoying the refreshments at the pool side.

Recently, temperatures have been soaring in the UK and on this particular day it was very hot and I wished for chapman. I would have paid some major bucks for a cup of chapman but not even the pool that served as the Olympic training pool in the UK could offer me that as it’s a foregone conclusion that chapman is a Nigerian thing (don’t quote me on Anyway, that was the reminder I needed to put up a recipe for Chapman on the blog. So people, here you go:

Preparation time: 4 minutes

Mixing time: 2 minutes

Total time: 6 minutes

INGREDIENTS ( Serves 3-4)

500ml Fanta Orange (Chilled)

500ml Sprite (Chilled)

2-3 teaspoons Angostura aromatic bitters

200ml Grenadine syrup

Ice cubes

1 Lemon (half for juice and half for garnishing)

1 Orange (half for juice and half for garnishing)

Cucumber- for garnishing



1) In a pitcher, add some ice cubes.


2) Add the grenadine syrup into the pitcher

Grenadine gives the drink it’s signature red colour. You can substitute with blackcurrant but taste will defer a bit from using grenadine syrup



3) Pour in Sprite and Fanta into the mixture


4) Add angostura bitter, stir and taste.

If need be you can add a bit more of Angostura bitters but remember you only need just a slight amount to get the chapman taste going

Note: Angostura bitters is alcoholic but you only need small quantity for chapman


5) Squeeze in some juice from half of the lemon into the mixture


6) Squeeze in some orange juice

IMG_50437) Give the mixture a good stir and add in the sliced cucumber, lemon and orange to garnish



8) Serve in a glass cup and garnish with slices of cucumber, lemon, orange and few ice cubes.


9) Put in a straw or two and enjoy! So refreshing , so good.

Nigerian Chapman

It is suitable for any occasion and Chapman is indeed a drink for all time.


Not only is Chapman easy to make, the ingredients are also easily accessible. This is one drink you shouldn’t miss out on this summer. Get mixing people and recreate that Nigerian experience 🙂

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Oven Barbequed Chicken

Today’s recipe is a simple, quick one. So basic I wasn’t going to bother but then I thought ‘every little helps’ ( in Tesco’s voice).

It’s oven baked barbeque chicken. For the times when you simply can’t do outdoor barbeque and the many times the weather just won’t permit sigh here is a way of still having a nice barbeque chicken. So here we go:

Preparation time: 1 hour 

Cooking time: 45 minutes


Chicken parts

1 cup barbeque sauce (I used reggae reggae barbeque sauce)

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

1/2 teaspoon grounded cayenne pepper

1 bouillon cube (Maggi) or 1 teaspoon liquid maggi

1/2 teaspoon dried thyme

1 tablespoonsunflower or vegetable oil



1) Combine all the ingredients (except chicken) together .


2) Line a baking tray with foil and arrange cleaned chicken parts on it.


3) Brush chicken all over with the sauce, making sure all parts are covered. (Don’t use up all the sauce)


4) Cover with foil and put  in the fridge for 1 hour to marinate (you can marinate for up to 12hours)


5) Preheat oven to 180 degrees centigrade and bring out the marinated chicken from the fridge.

6) Bake chicken in pre heated oven for 25 minutes, after which you bring out and coat with more of the sauce.


7) Put chicken back in the oven uncovered and allow to bake for another 15-20 minutes or till done

8) That’s moist and juicy barbeque chicken done. I served with fried rice (recipe HERE) on this occasion.


I recently introduced quote of the day in my blog posts, today’s quote is one from a wise, great woman Maya Angelou who died today. Rest in peace Maya.

Quote of the day :

“You may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, you may kill me with your hatefulness, But still, like air, I’ll rise”- Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou said it all people. We will always rise above haters and they in turn die slowly from how deeply bitterness and hate eats them up.

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Tropical Lush Slush

Thank God it’s Friday. Wait. I’m a mum! and everyday is a working day for mums but don’t we just love it?

It ‘s going to be a warm weekend.Yes I sight summer drawing close and it’s almost upon us bigsmile. I love summer. It’s sun and warmth shining up so high makes it warm for outside fun. No heavy winter coat weighing down on shoulders. No dreary winter boots but rather time to bring out the flip flops, tank tops, shorts, bum pants, the stunners, time to play in the park, to go on picnics, the barbeques and of course to bring out the summer recipes….heheehee.

We need refreshing drinks for hot summer days. It is important that we are properly hydrated and typically most people go to fizzy drinks, soda, juice to quench thirst.

Here is a recipe for a healthy drink that is so refreshing, delicious and just amazing. It’s lush slush baby #singinginiceicebabytone# 🙂 Healthy doesn’t have to be boring. You can indulge and yet still be eating healthy. Talking healthy eating, check out my Bulgur Solid HERE.

Here is how to make  my Tropical lush slush

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Freezing time: 4 hours


100ml apple juice

500ml orange juice

250ml pineapple juice

250ml Tropical juice or Forest fruits (optional)

2 teaspoons lemon juice

500ml sprite or ginger ale (Optional)


1) Bring out the ingredients and a big clean bowl to mix in.

K’s Cuisine tip: 100percent fruit juice is best but you can also use juice from concentrate


2) Mix in the orange juice, pineapple juice, apple juice, passion fruits and lemon juice


3) Stir mixture well and pour in into freezer bags or freezer safe containers and freeze for minimum of 4 hours.

You can freeze for days and if it’s rock solid when you bring out of the freezer just leave it out for about 30minutes.


4) Bring out the frozen mixture.


5) Scoop into a  cup or cups with ice cream scoop




6) Pour in some sprite or ginger ale on the frozen mixture and stir. You only need a small amount of sprite for each cup. about 30ml or so.

If you want to avoid fizzy drink you can just mix with water/ginger/lemonade mixture.


7) Slush is formed. Garnish with a slice of lemon, put in straw and sip .




Very refreshing I say. So healthy, so good! Have a good weekend people 🙂

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