K’s Cuisine aim to exceed our customers expectation in providing good quality food, value for money and safe consumables.  For a quote, email dishes required, any specific requirements, date you require the food and location.

We aim to respond to you with a quote within 24 hours.


Meat Pie

Chicken pie

Sausage roll

Peppered gizzard

Peppered beef

Peppered chicken

Peppered assorted meat

Grilled/ fried fish

Fried or grilled beef

Fried or grilled  assorted meat

Fried or grilled chicken




Moin Moin



Nigerian salad

Chicken Salad

Potato Salad




Okra soup- Ila asepo

Okra- plain

Efo riro

Egusi Ijebu

Egusi soup lumpy (Oshiki)



Buka Style Stew

Fish stew

Vegetable Chicken Curry

Chilli Con Carne


Jollof rice

Native Jollof rice

Fried rice

Plain boiled rice


Coconut rice


Jollof Beans

Ewa Agonyin

Yam Pottage


Semolina Cake topped with sugar syrup

Coconut cake and ice cream

Fruit Salad

Want a meal that’s not on the list? Send us your requirements as we keep expanding our menu list.

For orders and pricing email: info

5 thoughts on “Menu

  1. I was at K’s Cuisine restaurant opening and the food was divine. The jollof rice was just as I would make at home and it wasn’t too spicy like you get from most vendors, the stick meat was great and her cake was wonderful. I would definitely recommend her.

  2. I ordered sausage rolls, bread and some k signature stew and my family and I enjoyed it all. The sausage roll was so on point. Thank you kemi. Will be ordering more sausage rolls soon.

  3. I ordered pounded yam with ila alasepo, and vegetable soup during an impromptu visit to London, I must confess I was impressed because I requested just some few hours to my arrival and it was ready, despite the short notice. I even got a free 2ltr water 🙂

    I also placed orders for beans poridge, ila alasepo, and moi moi. The moi moi was heavenly and was even contemplating of ordering and delivering to my location, not minding that the cost of delivery will definately be higher than the cost of the order. The ila reminded me of home and the I didn’t want the beans to finish. Overall, it was worth the money and the stress of driving for about 45mins to pick up. I’ll recommend K’s cuisine anytime (not just the food, but also the great customer service from Kemi)

  4. l tried Kemi’s jollof and fried rice, and would definitely, keep her number for another occasion, it was delicious, and the coconut cake was lovely and moist, she really did not disappoint me

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