Ofe Egusi (Egusi soup)

Hello people, how has you week been? mine has been eventful. First of all, let me share this news with you readers. K’s Cuisine group page (not fan page) which was opened for my readers to share their food pictures of my recipe they’ve tried out has now taken a new dimension. It has now been renamed and opened to all foodies to share their food pictures, get recipes and share recipes, and to get cooking, baking and caking tips. You can join us in the group by clicking on the link below and requesting to join. https://www.facebook.com/groups/91446531721/.

Also this week few days ago my daughter got her hands on my sd card which contains food pictures for the blog and patterned it with her teeth! Don’t even ask me how she got her hands on it as that alone is what movies are made of..lol. The card got spoilt and that was all my food pictures gone! I was horrified and here goes my conversation with her

me: Zee, my card is spoilt! what happened to it?

Zee (with a cute, innocent smile on her face) : mummy, I used my teeth to do it like this trying to demonstrate

me: bewildered look and lost for words all I could muster was don’t do it again ok? I’ve told you not to put foreign things in your mouth. mummy is not happy

Zee: Ok mummy. I won’t do it again. Sorry mummy.

If only she realised what she had just done. Kids are oh just so innocent. Bless their hearts. oh well, will have to re do taking pictures and blogging when next I make the dishes I had planned on uploading. So for now, it’s another egusi soup recipe and this time it’s Ofe Egusi.

Truth is there are many methods of cooking egusi soup. There is Egusi Ijebu (recipe HERE), lumpy egusi for those who likes egusi balls (recipe HERE) and here I am giving you another method of cooking Egusi soup.

For ofe egusi, you can either use the frying method or the non frying method. Here I have used the non frying method and have used 2 different types of vegetables. In future, I will blog about the frying method of cooking Ofe Egusi . for now, Cook with me:

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 45 minutes

Total time: 1 hour


2 cups melon seed

3 maggi cubes ( or any stock cubes of your choice)

1 cup palmoil

3 scotch bonnet (rodo)

1 bell pepper (big tatashe)

1 red onion

400g tin plum tomatoes

1 brown onion

Assorted meat (Beef, tripe, ponmo,etc..)

Dry Shawa (optional)

Smoked dry catfish

1/4 cup grounded crayfish

Locust beans – Iru

Beef stock

100g pumpkin leaves or Kale (Ugu) and 100g of spring greens



1) Wash, season and boil the beef or chicken and assorted meats.


It’s advisable you boil beef separately from offals.

2) Blend the scotch bonnet, bell pepper, plum tomato and  onion.


The combination of pepper above is a guide only. What you need is about 650ml of blended pepper so you can combine like you would normally to get 650ml.

3) Blend the brown onion with the melon seeds to form a thick paste.

Melon seed mixed with onion
Melon seed mixed with onion

4) Clean the smoked dry fish by soaking in hot water for few minutes and rinsing well


5) In a pot, add palm oil, leave to heat for 2 minutes then add the blended pepper, maggi cubes and beef stock. Cover the pot and leave to cook for 10 minutes.


6) Add smoked fish, beef, assorted meat, locust beans and crayfish. Stir together and leave to cook for another 10 minutes.


7) After the 10 minutes, open the pot and stir the stew. Now add the dry fish, assorted meat and locust at this stage and let it cook for another 10 minutes.


8) Scoop in the onion/egusi paste, cover the pot and leave to cook for yet another 10 minutes


9) Stir the soup and leave to cook for 5 minutes or till oil floats to the top.

When oil floats to the top, it’s an indication that your egusi soup is well cooked.


10)  At the end of the 5 minutes, stir and add vegetable to the soup.

I used two types of vegetables here. spring greens and Kale. You can use just one type of vegetable or more.

IMG_975711) Then add Kale or Ugu


12) Stir in the vegetable and leave to simmer for 5 minutes.

Finally, you have Ofe egusi


Serve with Eba, Pounded yam , Amala or any swallow of Choice.

To know how to make pounded yam in a food processor, click HERE and for how to make lump free Amala click HERE.

Obe Egusi

Yummy two vegetable egusi soup.

Ofe egusi



If you prefer lumpy Egusi click HERE and for Egusi Ijebu click HERE.

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How to make pounded yam using a food processor

When I first learnt from a friend years ago about making pounded yam in food processor, I was like wow! that is real cool. Even though I’m not a pounded yam fan but when it comes to kitchen task, I love any gadget or appliance that makes the work easier and faster. I’m all for the easy life! who wouldn’t be pleased to know you don’t have to go through the task of sweating it out over a mortar and pestle making pounded yam? that you can whip up hot pounded yam anytime you so wish without being put off by the physical exercise it involves?

At the time my friend gave me this information, what I had was a mini chopper. I put it to test and yes it made pounded yam. I had since made pounded yam in a food processor and also in a stand mixer. I will be posting how to with mini chopper and stand mixer in another post but for now here is how to make pounded yam in a food processor.

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 25 minutes

Total time: 30 minutes

You will need

Food processor with dough blade



1) Cut yam into small shapes and rinse.


2) Put rinsed yam in a pot, pour water to be slightly above the yam and boil yam till very soft.

Do not add salt. Yam for pounded yam is unsalted.


3) When yam is cooked till soft and while pot is still on heat, pick the yam slices into the food processor.

If there are still yam cubes left in the pot , do not take off heat. Yam should be from heat to food processor.


4) Switch on the food processor and watch it turn your boiled yam to pounded yam. It takes approximately 1 minute to achieve this.


Few seconds and already churning away beautifully



Pounded yam is done and it takes less than 2 minutes to make it in food processor


5) Using a spatula or spoon scoop out hot pounded yam into a plate.

pounded yam

See how stretchy, smooth and fluffy the pounded yam is? That’s easy peasy pounded yam with no sweat of pounding with mortar and pestle.

food processor pounded yam

Enjoy with groundnut soup (HERE), Ogbono (HERE), Ila asepo (HERE) or any other soup.

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