Microwave Mug Moin Moin

Hello K fam and Cands, how are you all doing? Today i am giving you a recipe with super quick cooking time. It’s microwave mug moin moin! Oh yes we changing the moin moin game.

It’s no doubt moin moin takes time from start to finish. From peeling beans, to blending, mixing, wrapping in leaves and then the cooking time! It is a labour of love no doubt😁. Years ago i gave you the super fast method of peeling beans with blender (HERE) and today i’m giving you a super fast method of cooking moin moin. Let’s Cook:

microwave mug moin moin


Moin Moin batter (check HERE)


Boiled Eggs (sliced)

Mackerel (boiled and deboned)


1) Get all ingredients ready. To peel beans for moin moin batter using blender click HERE, For recipe for moin moin batter click HERE.

So, u have the batter mixed and ready

IMG_20662) Pour batter into mugs


3) Add eggs, mackerel and vegetables


You can also use any microwave safe bowl. Like below i used plastic containers but then they will be called microwave moin moin😂


4) Cover moin moin filled mug with a microwave safe lid, put in the microwave and initially cook on defrost setting using weight defrost at 20g for 3-4 minutes then switch to microwave setting for another 2 minutes. It takes about 5 minutes in total but depending on microwave model and size of mug cooking timer may slightly vary.

microwave cooked moin moin

5) Microwave moin moin is ready.

microwave moin moin

Just take a look at that…Cooked in out, moist and fluffy! I used a big mug so one mug was enough for one person

IMG_2140 I did some by steaming on stove top. I kid you not we had finished dinner and it must have started digesting before the stove top one was done!

mug moin moin

That’s it from me today. Don’t forget to tag me in your pictures when you try the recipe. Also please repost and share on Facebook,  instagram and other social media pages.