Ewa agonyin using hand mixer

So I’ve been a little under the weather. On Wednesday I had a bad headache while at the restaurant. I took some paracetamol and got on with it. I got home and body ache started. Oh no! God please no..not now. I quickly took some painkillers, praying it doesn’t escalate. Thankfully I slept off and woke up Thursday morning with the pains greatly reduced.

I headed to the restaurant and was making Ewa agonyin. My pressure pot had done a very good job as usual and the beans was super soft already. I just needed to mash the beans with wooden Spoon aka Orogun or omorogun and I thought no no omorogun 2day. I was taking it real slow as the fear of body ache is the beginning of wisdom..lol.

I know people use blender and food mixer to mash beans but hey I ain’t got time for that because if it doesn’t simplify the job, it’s not for me. Firstly the whole batch won’t go in a blender at a go so looking at four batches for the over 8 litres beans i made was a big no no. Secondly the washing up of blender afterwards and d messy stuff..No! So guess what I did guys? I simply brought out my hand mixer and in less than a minute (you read that right) less than a minute I got me my mashed beans. Ewa agonyin with no stress, no mess. So guys welcome to K’s Cuisine easy peasy mashing of beans for ewa agonyin.

My body thanked me for the thoughtfulness. I will be using the hand mixer for other things this week and I will share with you. Say bye to omorogun, blender and whatever for ewa agonyin, embrace the One minute no stress, no sweat, no mess hand mixer ewa agonyin!

Ewa agonyin

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Below is the Video of the Process

Have a good weekend 🙂