How to Colour Fondant

Last month a good friend of mine asked me to bake a cake for her son’s birthday. Her son happened to be a birthday mate of mine and even though my days and nights have been so busy I accepted to. It was mickey mouse themed cake which made use of coloured fondants. Particularly two of those coloured fondants are cakers I remember chatting with my friend Margaret who also bake cakes and she goes “colouring red and black fondant is a nightmare. I never get it right and I resulted to buying”. She is not the only one who thinks this. If i have to count number of times I hear people ask for help on red and black fondant colouring….

I am making a cake post because I remember promising you fans that I will also put cake tutorials here once in a while. I especially remember promising one of you Chiagozie Salam . I do always fulfil my promise so even with how busy I have been and still am I will find time to put up more posts on cake making.

Ready coloured fondants are more expensive than white and they come in limited colours so even if you normally just buy, this post will come in handy. Let’s Colour


White fondant

Gel Colouring- (I used sugarflair brand. Wilton is also good)

Never use liquid colouring for fondant. Gel or Paste colouring is go to for fondant


1) Place your fondant on a clean dry work top


2) Using a toothpick, apply colouring on fondant



3) Start kneading in the colour. Now you have a pinkish colour but what we are trying to achieve is deep red. Here is the trick, depending on the shade of red you want to achieve add a bit of black or brown colour to the fondant and knead


Knead till colour incorporated. Now you have a deep red colour.

Tip: Colour deepens when you leave it to set. So best to colour days ahead before use.

red fondant

This is the fondant used on the mickey mouse cake two days after it was coloured. See how deeper the shade?

mickey mouse cake

So ladies and gentlemen that’s how to colour fondant red.

For black, Follow steps above with a black gel  colour. K’s Cuisine black gel Colouring of Choice for fondant is Sugarflair Liquorice. Tested and trusted

Below is picture immediately after colouring.


And when used on the Cake.

mickey mouse cake

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” Cakes are special, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember. It’s all about the memories”-  Buddy Valastro