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Hello Everyone, I am happy to announce to you K’s Cuisine Online Cooking Classes which commences July 2017.

Homecooks who wants to up their cooking game, teenagers, professionals who wants to learn new techniques, people who wants to start and run their own food business. This course is for you! I will be sharing great cooking tips and showing you how to cook great food. This classes will be full of knowledge sharing and advice. I will not be holding back. Classes will make use of live videos , live chats, pre recorded videos etc


Would you like to be able to make your child’s, friend, sister next birthday cake and family celebration cakes or you want to start a cake business? Register on K’s Cuisine cake baking and decorating class. You will learn hiw to bake cupcakes and cakes, buttercream,  filling and torting, icing and decorating, covering cakes with fondants, ganache, Tier cakes, Sharp edges and more

FOOD PLATING AND STYLING because we eat with our eyes first don’t we? Learn Clean, creative ways of presenting food and ways to make your food look charming. Come on let’s play with food!



FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY: Let me teach you tips i have picked up in food photography and making food look delicious on Camera.
Register for the full package or choose from the classes available.

Classes starts July 2017 . Registration  is required to secure your place on the course. Limited space available so hurry and secure your space.
Watsapp +447437813403 or email me for pricing and registration enquiries.


Minced Meat Sauce

Hello K’s Cuisine Family, As promised on Instagram that I will post this recipe before the new year I just have to quickly do it today as the new year 2017 is only but few hours away! Whoop whoop! I’m so excited about the new year. Can’t wait!

Let me quickly blog this minced meat recipe before I get carried away with some other things. So let’s go:

Minced meat Sauce


500g minced beef

1 brown onion (chopped)

1 garlic clove (chopped)

Blended Pepper (mix of 400g plum tomatoes, 1 bell pepper , 1 Scotch bonnet and 1 onion)

1/2 teaspoon K’s Cuisine Multipurpose Seasoning

1 Cooking spoon Sunflower Oil

2 Stock Cubes


Chopped Mixed Vegetables ( Carrot, peas, sweetcorn)


1) Heat Oil in a pot, sautée the chopped onion and garlic and add the minced meat. Leave meat to brown


2) When the meat is browned, add K’s Cuisine Multipurpose Seasoning. Add the Blended pepper, beef broth or water, stock cube and bring the sauce to cook for 15-20 minutes on low heat.




3) After the 15-20 minutes when the sauce is beginning to thicken, check for seasoning adjust accordingly and add the mixed vegetables. Simmer for 5 minutes and take off heat. Minced meat Sauce is ready.


Easy peasy!

Enjoy with Spaghetti, any type of pasta, potatoes, yam, etc.

Minced meat Sauce

Bon appetit!

Minced meat sauce

Don’t forget to leave feedback when you try the recipe.

See you in 2017!

Much Love,


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Zahmilah Shrimp Kebab

Hello guys, So I was going to post this last night but i had a party I attended and didn’t leave there until midnight! I had fun at the party so all good. Before I get carried away with other stuff I just said I must post this recipe first .

This recipe makes use of the Zahmilah sauce which you can find recipe for in the Zahmilah ebook (HERE) but if you don’t have the Zahmilah sauce and you just want shrimp kebab you can use K’s Cuisine Multipurpose Seasoning or any other seasoning but taste will be different from using Zahmilah sauce. Here we go:



250g Shrimp

2 tablespoon Zahmilah Sauce


Sunflower Oil


1) Season the shrimps with Zahmilah Sauce, Stock cube and Salt.


2) Thread on Skewers and leave in the fridge to Marinate

Shrimp kebab

3) Grill in the Oven or Fry

I fried this time as I wanted it to be done quick


4) Serve and enjoy

Zahmilah Shrimp

I served with plantain, chips, Hake fish and Peppersauce. It was just so good.

Zahmilah shrimp

Don’t forget to leave feedback and comments. I love reading from you

Zahmilah shrimp

Till my next post, stay blessed.



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Zahmilah Sauce Scrambled Eggs

Hi Guys, I made Scrambled egg with Zahmilah sauce the other night. We had it with Agege bread and it was amazing. The Zahmilah sauce gave the egg the right kick. So here I am to share the recipe. It’s a quick one. Let’s go:



6 eggs

1 brown Onion (Chopped)

Tomato (Chopped)

1 tablespoon Zahmilah sauce

1 teaspoon K’s Cuisine Multipurpose Seasoning

1 stock cube


Sunflower Oil


1) Break the eggs in a bowl, add K’s Cuisine Multipurpose Seasoning and salt. Whisk together.



2) Heat Sunflower Oil in frying pan then add the chopped onions and tomatoes and stock cube. Sautée for 2-3 minutes

Scrambled eggs

3) Add Zahmilah Sauce followed by the eggs

Scrambled egg

4) Leave to fry while scrambling with spoon


5) Take off heat, Serve and enjoy with Bread, Yam, potatoes or any food of choice.

Zahmilah Scrambled eggsBon appetit


Don’t forget to feedback when you have tried the recipe.



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Zahmilah Grilled Beef

Hello guys,

Appreciation to everyone who has purchased the Zahmilah ebook. I see you all and thank you for coming through. To those who haven’t purchased their copy, please do so HERE . Don’t be left out of experiencing the Zahmilah sauce goodness.

As promised, I will be sharing recipes of food to cook with the sauce. So today’s Recipe is Zahmilah grilled beef. Let’s cook:

Zahmilah grilled beef


2kg Beef

4-6oz Zahmilah sauce (click here to purchase the Zahmilah sauce book)

2 Stock Cubes


2 tablespoon Sunflower Oil


1) Cut beef into  medium thin fillet , chunks or steak

Zahmilah grilled beef

2) Pat dry, add stock Cubes, salt and Zahmilah sauce. Mix well, cover the beef and leave in the fridge to Marinate for 60minutes


3) Heat tablespoon of Sunflower oil  in a pan and sear both sides of the beef. Transfer back into the oven dish or tray.

Zahmilah grilled beef

4 )Add 3 tablespoons of Zahmilah sauce, rub in the meat and grill in the oven on 150 degrees for 30 minutes or till done. Turn and brown the other side.


Remember to coat the beef at intervals with the juice from the tray.


5) That’s Zahmilah grilled beef done. It was superb. Packed full of flavour, tender, juicy and moist. Easy cooking bold flavour!

I Served it with buttered rice and hot pepper sauce.

Zahmilah grilled beef

Hot pepper sauce recipe is in The Zahmilah book . Will post buttered rice recipe next.

Zahmilah grilled beef

6) I served our guests this and they asked for more. Hubby friend’s wife asked me how I seasoned the meat and ofcourse I referred her to the Zahmilah book😊

Don’t forget to drop a comment, questions or queries. Love reading from you all.

See you in my next post.



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Oven Baked Moin Moin

Hello guys, today’s Recipe is for oven baked moin moin. This recipe is for when you do not want to steam moin moin on stove top. This recipe is very straightforward. First, click HERE for moin moin batter recipe. Once you’ve done that then Let’s cook:



Moinmoin batter (Recipe here)

Fillings (eggs, Prawns, fish, corned beef)


1) To get the moinmoin leaf flavour use the leaves to line your dishes like I did in the picture below. If not go to step 2


2) Pour Moin Moin batter in oven safe containers like ramekin and oven dishes. Add in filling of choice (eggs, Prawns, etc). Put water in a tray or bowl 

Oven baked Moin moin

3)In this case I put water in the tray before arranging the moinmoin batter filled ramekins in it. I also put a tray of water in the oven. This is so moinmoin comes out moist and not dry. Cover with foil and bake in the oven at 160 degrees for 45mimutes or till done

Oven baked Moin moin

5) Oven baked moin moin is ready to be enjoyed

Oven baked moin moin

Serve with paper, eko, bread, garri or any side of choice.

Oven baked moin moin Bon appetit

Have you downloaded your copy of the Zahmilah ebook yet? Please do so here . If you want to purchase from Nigeria please email

Thanks and see you in my next post.



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Efo Stir Fry

Hello all,

How are you doing today? Anyone miss me? lol ..

Today’s recipe is what i call Efo stir fry. This is a combination of stir fry and Efo riro that is healthy, quick and delicious. You can have it with just about anything. I made this crunchy as i had it with Rice but if you want to accompany it with swallow let the peppers cook for a bit longer. It’s Simple and different from the norm and i’m sure you’ll love it as i did.So, let’s Cook

Vegetable stir fry


2 tablespoons Palm oil

1 medium Red, green and yellow bell peppers (Sliced)

1 Onion (chopped)

1 tablespoon locust beans (Iru)

K’s Cuisine Multipurpose Seasoning (Click here to buy)

1 Stock cube

Kale or Spinach

Prawns, fish, beef or chicken or all




1) Marinate the prawns and Fish in K’s Cuisine Multipurpose Seasoning.


2) In a wok or pot, add 2 tablespoons of Vegetable oil, when heated add in the prawns. Stir around for 2-3 minutes then empty into a bowl


3) In the emptied wok, add 3 tablespoon of Palmoil then add the chopped Onions .

efo stir fry

4) Sautee for a minute or two then add in the peppers, stock cube, locust beans (iru) and salt.


6) Toss around and stir for 5 minutes


7) Add in the prawns, stir and leave for a minute.


8) Add in the blanched Kale, leave to cook for a minute then take off heat.


That’s efo stir fry done.

efo riro stir fry

Enjoy with rice, bulghur, pasta, yam or any other dish. The possibilities of what you can eat with are endless

Vegetable stir fry

Bon appetit.

Efo stir fryTill my next post



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Chicken Suya

Hello all, Today’s recipe is for Chicken Suya.

I made some last week and took pictures for the blog but before i could upload the recipe, i made another batch of chicken suya just days ago. I am liking the new pictures better than the previous ones so i am using those for this post😀



Chicken parts (I used drumstick)

K’s Cuisine suya spice

Vegetable Oil



1) Put Chicken parts in a bowl


2) Add vegetable Oil, suya spice and salt.

chicken suya

3) Mix well and cover with cling film. Leave in the fridge to marinate for 1 hour.


4) Arrange chicken in a baking tray or dish, cover with foil and grill in oven for 40 minutes



5) Remove the foil cover, brush chicken with a bit of oil and more suya spice. Leave uncovered and grill till done. That’s Chicken suya done.


Enjoy Chicken suya served with onions, tomatoes and spinach


Bon appetit.

To Buy K’s Cuisine Suya Spice and other K’s Cuisine products please click HERE. Thanks for the support.

Till my next post,



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Seafood Okro Soup

Hello all,

First of all apologies for late response to comments. I have been so very busy reason why i haven’t posted in a while. I have now responded to all comments just before embarking on this post.

Today’s recipe is Seafood okro soup. I have been down with flu for some days now and been on liquid food. Yesterday my fever broke and I craved all sort of food. I decided to make Seafood Okro soup. I had it with Amala and my stomach was truly happy 🙂

Here is my recipe for Seafood Okro peppersoup. Let’s cook:

Okro soup


25 pieces medium sized Fresh Okro (lady fingers)

3 stock cubes (maggi)

1-2 cooking spoons Palmoil

1 tablespoon ground pepper

3-4 red or yellow Scotch bonnet (chopped or blended)

1/4 cup grounded Crayfish

Prawns (deveined)_

Few pieces Stock fish (Panla)

Hake Fish/ Mackerel fish

Crab, squids, Shrimps, mussels (cleaned)

Vegetable (Ugu, kale, spinach or any vegetable of choice)


1)Wash the Okro and grate or blend into small cubes. If blending, be careful not to use too much water

2) In a pot, add about 2 cups of water, add in the fish, stock cubes, pepper, palmoil, iru and salt.

I used Hake and mackerel fish


3) Leave to cook for 5-10 minutes then add crayfish, Crab, squids,shrimps and leave to cook for another 5 minutes.
4) Take out the fish from the sauce.
Don’t worry this will be introduced back into the pot. Reason is not to scatter the tender fish.
5) Now add the grated or blended okro and Ugu leaves

IMG_3925Do not cover pot after okro has been introduced into the pot. If you do then okro won’t keep it’s resilience.

10) Taste for salt and seasoning, adjust accordingly, reduce the heat and let simmer for 3 minutes.


The retained heat keeps cooking the Okro for about another 2 minutes after you take off heat so be careful not to overcook.

I added some more chopped scotch bonnet as i wanted it peppery.

Okro soup

10) That’s Seafood Okro Soup done.

Seafood Okro soup

Enjoy with pounded yam (recipe HERE) , Eba, Amala (recipe HERE), Semo or any other solid of choice.

Okro soup

Bon appetit.


Don’t forget to feedback when you try this recipe. Also follow me on instagram for daily pictures and recipes.


See you in my next post.



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Ogi Zobo Trifle

Hello Fam. Hope your week is going great.

Last week i gave you a new Nigerian breakfast, Akara in a hole (Recipe HERE), today i am giving you a New Nigerian dessert and I call it Ogi Trifle.

So what is Ogi trifle? Let me start with what  trifle is for the benefit of those who are not familiar with it.

Trifle is an English dessert that is made up of atleast 3 main ingredients which are cake, custard and fruits. It is almost usually served at christmas and there are different variations of this dessert. I have created Nigerian trifle using 2 Nigerian food Ogi (pap) and Zobo. Dang! was it banging or what? oh yeah it was.

This dessert is quick to make if you have the cake made beforehand. You can use home made cake or if that’s too much trouble buy from the stores.

Valentine is coming up and if you are dining in and have been thinking of what to make for dessert then give this yummy creation a try. Let’s do this:

Ogi Trifle


Sponge Cake (Recipe HERE)

Fruits- raspberry, strawberries (I used frozen summer fruits)

Zobo syrup or Jam

Ogi (Pap)

Double cream or whipped cream


1) Prepare the ogi and leave to chill. Don’t forget to sweeten with sugar.


2) Cut Sponge cake in cubes


3) In a dessert glass, trifle bowl or any glass cup arrange the sponge cakes at the bottom of the glass


Then top with the fruits and zobo syrup


4) Followed by the chilled sweetened ogi


5) Then whipped cream and top with  fruits.


That’s it done. Enjoy the sweetness called Ogi Zobo trifle.

Ogi Zobo trifle

That’s a New Nigerian dessert by K’s Cuisine. Enjoy

Ogi Trifle

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