Semolina Smoothie

Yesterday I posted a throwback picture of my Semolina cake on my instagram page and thought to myself, I am going to use semolina for another recipe yet again. Today I decided to add some semolina cereal to my smoothie and result  was yummy and filling healthy smoothie so I’m sharing the recipe with you.


Semolina cereal (Prepared like oats or pap)

Banana, Pineapple, Oranges

Strawberries, handful of Kale, Carrot

150ml Yoghurt

1 tablespoon honey


1) Add the Semolina cereal in blender , followed by yoghurt


2) Add the fruits and vegetables and blend till smooth

semolina smoothie3) Serve and enoy

semolina smoothie

4) It tasted so good and it’s filling. It’s 3pm and I don’t even feel like having lunch.

Healthy, yummy, filling and easy. What’s not to love about this? Enjoy!


Tip: I buy different fruits and vegetables, portion them, put in freezer bags and freeze so anytime I want to make smoothie I  bring out a pack put in blender, add yoghurt or milk, honey and blend. It saves me stress and my smoothie comes out chilled. Below is a picture of how I pack them.


Don’t forget to leave feedback and let me know your thoughts on the recipe.  In next few days I am going to try adding garri to smoothie and some other Nigerian ingredient wink.

Till my next post, stay blessed


Happy weekend to you people. How’s it going at your end? It’s going good here and I’m enjoying soaking up the summer sun. I have been posting refreshing drinks recipes in the last few days, I am posting another today and expect more in the coming days 🙂

Today’s recipe is Smoothie. Smoothie is simply blended fruits or fruit and vegetables. Most of my fruits intake is through fruit juice and smoothies. I mean having the pleasure of having as many fruits as possible in a cup of smoothie does it for me because not only do I get the nutrients from the fruits, I get a refreshing drink.This smoothie recipe I am sharing today is strawberry, pineapple, banana and orange smoothie but you can combine any fruits for your smoothie. So here is my recipe and tips on making the perfect fruity goodness called Smoothie. Let’s go:



Preparation time: 5 minutes





3 big Oranges

250ml Yoghurt

1 tablespoon honey (optional)



1) Pour yoghurt first in the blender.

Here I have used raspberry and cherry yoghurt


2) Peel the oranges and add into the yoghurt

K’s Cuisine Tip: Putting liquid base ease the blending process hence why yoghurt and orange goes in first.


3) Add in the frozen fruits

K’s Cuisine tip: Freezing the fruits gives you a cold creamy ready to drink smoothie

IMG_65224) Add in the honey (this step is optional)


4) Blend until very smooth


Smoothie is ready. Serve and enjoy


I  garnished with some left over strawberries


You can have Smoothie as breakfast, a meal, or as refreshment. It is filling, nutritious and I bet you will agree with me that it is very simple to make. So guys, get the fruits out today and make smoothie.

K’s Cuisine Extra Tips

Banana is very good fruit for smoothies as it gives smoothie a creamy taste

Use fruit yoghurts for extra fruity goodness

Freeze the fruits so you have a cold ready to drink smoothie


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