Beef on Skewers (Beef Kebab)


This is the first recipe post in this new year and it’s a simple one. You honestly can’t go wrong with beef skewers however you prepare it.

Beef skewers or beef kebab, beef skewers or even stick meat as some call it is tasty meet on skewers garnished with peppers. It is a popular Nigerian appetiser and so very easy to prepare. There are many ways to prepare this and no wrong way as long as u thread the beef on skewer you have your beef on

I must say even though some call this stick meat, what I grew up knowing as ‘stick meat’ is a different variation. One being the stick meat I’m familiar with is threaded on toothpick not big skewers like this. I will soon post a recipe to that other stick meat but for now, here is recipe for beef on skewers.

Meal type: Appetizers, snack, small chops

Preparation time:15 minutes

Cooking time: 50 minutes

Total time: 1 hour 5 minutes



Green bell pepper (tatashe)

Red bell pepper (tatashe)



Maggi cubes

Suya spice (optional)



Sunflower or Vegetable oil


1) Rinse beef and boil with chopped onions, curry,thyme, salt and stock cube.


Do not add water to boil the beef. Steam the meat on low heat. That way it’s more flavourful.

2)When beef is boiled, Cut into small size cubes


3) Wash and dice the green pepper, red pepper and onions.



4)Thread the beef, peppers and onions on the skewer. Alternate the colours

20150109_0029475) Brush lightly with sunflower oil and marinate in suya pepper



6) Put on a tray and grill lightly in the oven



Beef Skewers is ready.

Beef kebabServe with chilled drinks as appetizer or as side to main dish.


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