Semolina Puff Puff (Semolina puffies)

It tastes like puff puff, It looks like puff puff, It is K’s Cuisine Semolina puffies!

Weeks ago, I developed this recipe, made and served to the hubs and his friend. I watched them keenly as they gobbled it down. They enjoyed it oblivious to the fact it was no ordinary puff puffs. I went on to ask them if they tasted anything different with the puff puffs. My husband’s friend Elvis was quick to point out that he tasted coconut. I agreed with him and asked what else he had tasted. He and my hubby requested to sample more and yet they had no clue! I smiled to myself. Yasss…that right there has passed the taste test. No weird taste, and they asked for more.

I did not reveal the ingredient to them but I’m sure they will both read this post and realise what they had eaten that day…hehee.

What I served them was cinnamon and icing dusted semolina puffies developed by K’s Cuisine.

Why Semolina? Because it’s different and has health benefits which include improving kidney function, high in nutrients among others.

For more on health benefits of Semolina,  here is a link

Semolina also makes one feel fuller and thus good for those who want to lose weight or on diet as small amount of these puff puffs makes you feel fuller for longer.

So ladies and gentlemen, here is my semolina Puff puff recipe:

Meal type: appetiser, dessert

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 140 minutes

Total time: 150 minutes


200g Semolina (fine)

1 tablespoon Dessicated coconut (Optional)

1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

1/4 teaspoon salt

70g Sugar (optional)

1 tablespoon active dry yeast

Sunflower Oil for frying


1) In a mixing bowl, mix semolina, sugar, dessicated coconut salt and nutmeg


2) In another bowl, activate the yeast by adding warm water to yeast with a teaspoon of sugar. stir well and leave for 5 minutes.


3) Pour the yeast mixture into the semolina mixture and mix thoroughly

4) Cover with cling film or towel and leave to rise for 90-120 minutes


5) Pour Oil into a deep pan. The oil should be atleast 3 inches deep. When the oil is heated, scoop batter into the oil


6) Fry till golden brown. Place on kitchen towel to drain excess oil.

cinnamon icing dusted semolina puffies
cinnamon icing dusted semolina puffies

7) Dust with cinnamon and icing sugar (Optional)

semolina puffies

Best Served Warm

Semolina puffies
Semolina puffies

K’s cuisine extra notes

The Catch apart from health benefits of Semolina is it makes you fuller than ordinary puff puff and reduces quantity you eat which is good for people looking to lose weight

Semolina is yellow in colour therefore the inside is not as white as using all purpose flour

Use Semolina fine over coarse for a less gritty taste

You can also Substitute flour for semolina in snacks like buns, doughnuts, etc

You can bake instead of frying

You can use half semolina and half plain flour for this recipe

Replace sugar for honey

Enjoy making and eating semolina puffies 🙂

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  1. Wow! Well done, I will surely try dis out. Thanks for sharing n I also want to use dis opportunity to congratulate u on ur restaurant opening, I forgot d date cos my baby was hospitalised. Wish u success n may u progress more than ur thinking. Stay bless Dearie.

  2. Like seriously? I always crave for puff puff and I am so happy to see another way of making it. Nice! Thanks Kemi.

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