Nutriblast Smoothie

Hello fam, Today i’m sharing with you one of my family favourite smoothie recipe.  It’s simple yet absolutely delicious. I Call it Nutriblast Smoothie because this smoothie provides a full blast of nutrients. It has a little bit of our favourite fruits without any overpowering the taste. For example my hubby loves Mango and i on the other hand not a big fan, i like oranges and berries. Combining all these brings out a classic taste which we are all cool with. So kfam, here is the recipe, Let’s go:



2 Oranges

1 small Mango (Peeled and cut)

1/6 of small size Pineapple

Handful Strawberry

1 Banana

1 small tub Yoghurt (about 150ml)

1 tablespoon Honey (Optional)


1) Pour yoghurt first in the blender.

K’s Cuisine Tip: Putting liquid base ease the blending process hence why yoghurt and orange goes in first.

2) Peel the oranges and add into the yoghurt.

I peeled the oranges and mot squeeze because the oranges i get here in the UK are seedless. If in Nigeria or elsewhere that oranges are not seedless please squeeze out the juice and discard the seeds


3) Add in all other fruits


K’s Cuisine tip: Freezing the fruits gives you a cold creamy ready to drink smoothie

4) Add in the honey (this step is optional)


4) Blend until very smooth and that’s nutriblast smoothie ready.

SmoothieServe and enjoy


nutriblast smoothie

Extra Tips

I pack fruits in portion in ziplock bag and freeze. When needed i bring out and blend. It gives cold smoothie and no need for use ice

I use milk or yoghurt base as they provide additional source of Calcium

If like me you don’t like smoothie too thick, add some water to blend.

Will bring you more of my smoothie recipes but for now don’t forget to feedback when you try this recipe. Also follow me on instagram HERE for daily pictures and recipe.

See you in my next post.



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