Gbegiri is one delicacy that needs no introduction to my Ibadan people ! This soup right here is the truth! lol..Gbegiri is made from beans and it’s easy to make. It’s healthy and  delicious.


1 cup (400g tin) brown or white black eyed beans

2 tablespoon palmoil

1 table spoon locust- Iru

1 Maggi cube


2 tablespoon ground pepper


Peel the beans. Click HERE on how to peel beans using blender.

Put the beans in a pressure cooker, add water and cook till very soft. If you do not have a have pressure cooker, you can cook the beans with the regular pot but this will take about 2 hours as the beans has to be cooked till very soft.


When the beans is cooked, mash it. My pressure cooker makes it so soft that I only have to turn with a cooking spoon.At this stage you can decide to proceed in either of two ways. First one being to blend the cooked beans and second being to sieve. I always go for the second as this is the authentic way of making gbegiri. My Oyo state people know this! So if you’re going with the authentic recipe, sieve! If you have very  thick consistency of the cooked beans, add just a little bit of water so it’s much easier to sieve. Be careful not to add too much water as gbegiri must not be too watery.

Sieve the beans collecting the liquid in a pot.


When you’ve collected the sieved  liquid in a pot, put on the cooker, add maggi cube, locust, pepper, palmoil and salt to taste. Don’t overdo the pamoil. You only need just enough Palmoil to give it colour.


Leave it to cook for 5-10minutes


Gbegiri is ready. Serve with buka style stew and amala. You can also add ewedu into the equation to make it Abula!😄 oh la la….

Gbegiri,ewedu,buka style stew and amala
Gbegiri,ewedu,buka style stew and amala

Bon appetit. ClickHERE for Buka style stew recipe.

8 thoughts on “Gbegiri

  1. fantastic, bin looking for how to learn how to make gbegiri, tryin it this weekend, and will sure give u feedback,

      1. Haaaa, Kemi, it came out fantastic, made a whole pot of gbegiri and my hubby could not believe it until he saw the cooking pot, thanks a million dear.

    1. nice Kemi, my mother in law

      says dry fish, pompo, and other condiments can be added. yet to try it though, have you tried that before?

      1. Tanx Lola.Your mother in law is right. Some do add fish, ponmo, etc. I don’t make mine dat way as I always accompany gbegiri with stew so I use beef, ponmo, etc from the stew. I personally prefer stew soaked meat than gbegiri soaked one😊.Let me know your verdict when you try it.

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