The Bulgur Solid (Bulgur Fufu)

What prompted this post was a debate yesterday on Bulgur wheat, cous cous and rice. The taste, health benefits and preference. I have had it in mind to make a post on what I do with bulgur and that post yesterday was a good reminder.

To those of you who have never heard of Bulgur wheat or Bulgar wheat, (it can be spelt either way. Infact I also found out it can also be spelt Bulghur and bulghar) here is a brief introduction for you:

Bulghur wheat is a cereal food made from the groats of a type of wheat – durum wheat. Bulgur wheat is whole grain and compared to white rice, bulgur has higher protein content and higher fibre. It also has higher levels of minerals and vitamins. Bulgur looks like rice and most times prepared in similar manner.

I have seen a lot of people cook Bulgur like plain rice, pilaf, stir fried bulgur, etc..

I have tried the plain boiled version, the stir fried version, pilaf, the cereal (bulgur porridge) and ofcourse I made it into solid hence this post😊

I bought bulgur wheat to try many months ago when a friend Biola Agiri Oshin ( Party heavens party solution) posted on her BBM status that she tried bulgur and won’t be going back to rice. Accompanied to that was a picture of what looked like a slightly coloured broken rice. I had never heard of Bulgur before then so I researched it. I compared the health benefits with cous cous and rice and it came tops so I decided to try it.

First trial I did was cooking it plain to be served with stew. We had it for dinner and my verdict as a staunch rice lover and addict is if it’s not rice, it is not rice! Lol.. What will I ever do without precious rice? Don’t get me wrong, Bulgur wheat tastes good. It was chewy and very close to rice but it simply did not replace rice for me personally. My mum who is very much a rice lover like me as I gisted you in my native jollof rice post had the same sentiments. She liked Bulgur and it was sold on her as per the benefits and all but did not think it was as good as rice to her taste.

Next try after that was as a form of solid. The Nigerian girl loves solid creative part of So here I am sharing with you my Bulgur wheat solid and will also make posts soon on the bulgur wheat breakfast porridge and other ways I’ve tried it.Thanks to Biola Oshin for the heads up on bulgur wheat.

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 15 minutes


3/4 cup Bulgur wheat

3/4 cup cold water

2-3 cups hot water (Depending on how soft or hard you like your solid)


1) Blend bulgur into powder using a dry mill.



2) Add 3 cups of hot water in a pot and put on low heat.


3) Mix bulgur powder with the 3/4 cup of cold water, mix smoothly and pour into the pot of hot water.


4) Put on low heat and leave to cook  for 10 minutes .


3) When the water is almost dried up and bulgur taste soft increase to medium heat and start stirring.


4) As you stir you will see it start getting thicker and forming solid. Keep stirring till solid is formed.



5) That’s Bulgur solid done.


6) Best served warm with soup like efo riro, Ogbono, ila asepo or any other type of Nigerian soup.

This is eating solid the healthy way.



IMG_2194Bon appetit 🙂

Coming up soon is a post on Bulgur breakfast porridge.

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  1. Wow! I too never liked bulgur as a substitute for rice either. I have some lying in pantry for God knows when… will definitely try this tonight.

    1. Thanks Ummita. I don’t know where in Kaduna you can get. Check the superstores they should have. Will post a picture of the packet and the bulgur so you know what it looks like

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