Ramadan meal planner and tips

It’s that time of the year. oh yes Ramadan is here! Ramadan. The holy month when Muslims fast from sunrise (sahour) to sunset (Iftar). Where our thoughts are to be kept pure. No eating, no drinking, no idle chatter, no sinful acts.

To my brothers and sisters in Islam, I say Ramadan Kareem. Alhamdulilahi for the mercy from God to make us see and experience another fasting period. He is Ar Raman, Ar Raheem (the most beneficient, the most merciful).

To the readers who have asked for a meal plan for Ramadan, it was inevitable not to put one up, not just because as a food blogger it is my job, but because I am a muslim and I am happy to be able to be of service to my fellow muslims. So here we go:

Two main meals are served during Ramadan namely: The Sahour and the Iftar. Sahur is served before dawn and Iftar after sunset. Sahour tends to be a heavy meal as it is what is meant to last one throughout the day. Before I commence on a meal plan, here are 10 useful tips in planning Ramadan meals.

K’s Cuisine tips on Ramadan meal

1) Avoid carbonated beverages and caffeinated drinks (caffeinated drinks makes one loose water faster via urination)

2) Avoid foods high in fat

3) Eat Fruits, vegetables, grains and beans

4) Avoid overeating

5) Sahour should be a filling meal to provide enough energy for many hours

6) Drink plenty of fluids to keep hydrated. (Water and fruit juices)

7) Break fast with Dates and also eat dates at Sahour  (If you would like to emulate the tradition of Prophet Muhammed- Peace be upon him). Also dates provides energy which is much needed during this time.

8) Let your meal consist of the 5 food groups

9) Avoid fast burning and heavily processed food

10) Plan meal ahead

Now on to the meal planner. This year Ramadan starts on Sunday so here is a meal planner for week 1.



Basmati or brown Rice with Vegetable Chicken curry


Dates , Pistachio nuts

Freshly squeezed orange juice and water

Pap or Custard with Moin Moin



Bulghur wheat fufu and Efo riro with beef and assorted meat or

Eba with Edikang Ikong with beef and assorted meat



Fruit Salad, Water

Lush Tortilla



Yam pottage



Smoothie, Water

Boiled potatoes, baked beans and chicken



Pounded yam with Groundnut soup with beef or chicken or fish or

Semolina, lumpy egusi with vegetable (oshiki)  and meat, assorted meats or fish


Pistachio nuts

Tropical fruit juice or fruit Salad, Water

Fried rice, vegetable salad and barbequed chicken



Amala, Eba or groundrice with ila asepo with fish, beef and assorted meat or

Tuwo shinkafa with Miyan kubewa, beef, assorted meat and fish


Fresh fruits, Water


Jollof beans with Agege bread



Amala, gbegiri and Ewedu with beef and assorted meat or

Tuwo, Gbegiri and ewedu with assorted meat


Fresh fruits, Water


Boiled yam, corned beef stew, and steamed mixed vegetables




Jollof rice, moin moin , plantain with grilled fish



Fresh fruits or fruit juice, Water

Peppersoup, Apple Cinnamon bread and  akara

Recipes for the above meals can be found on the blog with the exception of Tuwo and Miyan Kubewa which will be posted on the blog soon.

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