Anytime my mum is coming over to the UK and ask what we her kids want her to bring along, my younger brother’s request has never changed in over 12years. It has always been and it is still suya! Honestly who doesn’t like suya? Suya is legend and oh let me use that slang Suya is ‘bae’

Traditionally prepared by Hausas reffered to as mai suya (suya man) and if you are to mention one Nigerian food that is eaten all across Nigeria, look no further it’s suya! It’s flavourful and delights the tastebud. Pair suya with bread and chilled bottle of coke and experience a new high sigh.

Make no mistake, the mai suyas do suya best. It’s not just about the spice mix. The cut of the beef, the temperature, technique and skill cannot be overated. As I live in diaspora where I can’t just go to a street junction to buy from mai suya, I make mine and below is how I go about it. Let’s go:
 Preparation time: 2 hours

Cooking time: 1 hour

Total time: 3 hours



Suya spice


Stock cubes

Sunflower or Vegetable oil


1) Soak the skewers in cold water for 4-6hours

2) Using a sharp knife, thinly cut the beef


3)Thread the beef on the Skewers


4) Using a brush, rub the meat with sunflower oil, salt and stock cubes mixture then cover beef in suya spice


5) Leave to marinate for 2 hours then grill for 40 minutes


Turn the beef to grill the other side. sprinkle some oil and let roast for another 10 minutes.

SuyaSuya is ready.  Sprinkle suya spice on it and serve with Onions and tomatoes. I just had to serve in newspaper to create memories..


I added green pepper to above picture to add colour.

SuyaBon appetit.


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