Nigerian Salad

Nigerian salad is like no other salad. Like seriously why have potato salad or vegetable salad or one of the salad when you can have them all in one? Nigerian people don’t do things halfway for real.

I have often wondered how we arrived at our Nigerian salad. Ok I have a theory and here it goes…Mama Biola made salad for her party, mama Sola was at the party and ate the salad, Few months later Mama Sola had her own party and decided her salad must be better than Mama Biola’s own so she added more ingredients to hers, Mama Tinuke was at Mama Biola’s party and when it was turn for her own party she decided to add more ingredients to the salad than what she had at Mama Biola and so goes the trend till all the ‘add ‘ables’ have been added. Makes a nice story doesn’t it? hehehee.

Enough of my silly theory let’s make some Nigerian salad.  For this salad I have made use of a spiraliser which was recently sent to me to review. I will post the product review as a separate post. I used the spiraliser for the carrots, cucumber, onions and potatoes


1 Cucumber

1 small Cabbage

6 Carrot

1 bunch Lettuce

1 Onion

1 can Sweetcorn

Boiled eggs (Sliced)

Pasta (Boiled)

Potatoes (Spiralised and boiled)

Salad tomatoes

150g Corned beef

Baked beans (Optional)

Salad Cream


1) Wash all the vegetables, Spiralise, cube or cut as suitable.


2) I spiralised the carrots, cucumber, onions and potatoes.


3) In a clean salad bowl, start layering the vegetables. I started with cabbage, lettuce and onions.


4) Then Carrot..

Spiralised salad

5) Followed by cucumber, potatoes and sweetcorn


6) Lastly i add eggs and corned beef and salad tomatoes. If you are using baked beans also add at this stage.


7) Cover with clingfilm and leave in the fridge to chill

Nigerian salad

8) When ready to eat, take from a side, add salad cream and enjoy

The whole point of layering is so when you take from the side you get all the ingredients in a portion

Nigerian salad

Nigerian salad is not complete without salad cream and not just any salad cream, it’s the Heinz brand!




Below is Nigerian salad served with jollof rice, fried  beef and fish. Yummy!

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