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  1. Tutu says

    I grilled some chicken, beef and pork suya using the suya spice. It was finger licking good and my family loved it! I didn't add any additional seasoning or salt to the meat, just the spice and it still had that authentic suya taste especially when I added raw onions.

    Well done K's Cuisine! I'll be back ????

  2. Funmi Ademoye says

    This spice is excellent.
    Hot and a good accompaniment to anything you fancy.
    I have had it with chicken,gizzard,liver,yam,plantain.
    My son absolutely loves it...

  3. Mosun Lawal says

    I have used the K's cuisine suya spice and it taste soo good and reminds me of the taste of tha malams back in Nigeria.I would say Its better as she has spiced up hers. Love it so much!

  4. Dami says

    I got a jar of suya spice from K's cuisine and I absolutely love it. I used it to make grilled chicken for my in laws and they kept going on about it. I use it in just about everything from beef to chicken and more. It's definitely one to try out.

  5. Dorcas Adebanjo says

    I ordered K's Cuisine's Suya spice after my visit to Nigeria and my husband's new found love for suya. When they arrived, my husband opened the jar and he loved the aroma that hit him and he tasted it and he told me to make some beef suya straight away. Ever since then, we add the suya spice to chips, chicken and even pizza bases. My friends also came to visit and they loved the taste of the spices and they've asked for me to help them place order as they can't even pronounce the word "suya" properly. They call it "Nigerian spicy spice".
    K's Cuisine's Suya Spice is a must try

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