Curry Goat

Hello K’s Cuisine Cands, It’s been a minute here. How are you all doing? Like i wrote in my last post that i was going to post more recipes on what i did with the ingredients from the hamper from Grace foods UK, so here’s another recipe and it’s Carribean Curry goat.

Carribean curry goat is delicious and flavorful and what more? It’s made with goat meat. To me, any recipe that includes goat meat is a Let’s Cook

Curry goat

Preparation time:

Cooking time:

Total time:


5 tablespoons Dunn’s river Carribean curry powder

Goat meat with bone (Cut in cubes)


Scotch bonnet

1 table spoon Thyme

1 teaspoon black pepper


2 cloves Garlic

1 Peeled Potatoes

1 Cooking spoon Vegetable or Sunflower Oil


1) Wash the goat meat and season with a tablespoon of curry powder, scotch bonnet, spring onions, garlic, pepper. Cover with cling film and leave in the fridge for 2-6 hours.


2) Remove the seasoning from the goat meat and set aside

3) In a pot, heat oil on medium heat then add in the remaining 4 tablespoons of curry powder. Stir the curry powder in oil until it starts to change colour


Be Careful not to burn the curry.

4) Add in the marinated goat meat and stir for two minutes. Be careful not to burn the goat meat.


5) Add 3 cups of water, stir and cover the pot with lid.


6) Leave to cook on low heat for 90 minutes. If meat not tender after this time, add some more water, the seasoning removed from meat earlier and leave to cook for more time.

8) When meat is tender and pulling off bone, adjust seasoning and add potatoes in to thicken.


9) Simmer for 10 minutes and take off heat


Curry Goat is all ready. Enjoy with Rice and Peas.

Curry goat


Curry goat

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Vegetable Chicken Curry

Vegetable Chicken curry is one of my favourite curries simply because it’s full of nutrients, easy and quick to put together. This is one way of eating vegetables (Remember 5 a day) 😊

When I posted the recipe for Native Jollof rice (Recipe HERE),  I mentioned how much I like rice and how I have 1 million and 1 ways (not quite) of spicing it up. Well, here is another of the numerous sauces that goes with rice. I however enjoy this most with Basmati rice (Golden sella basmati) or the ever faithful Easy cook rice.

This curry is simple to prepare and is very forgiving in that you can’t go wrong with it. It allows substitution of ingredients and you can even leave out some ingredients and still have that amazing taste (don’t leave out the mixed peppers please). It makes a nice dinner and above all it’s healthy. So here we go :

Preparation time : 15 minutes

Cooking time : 15 minutes

INGREDIENTS (Serves 4-5)

2 cups diced or chopped mixed vegetables (green peas, carrot, sweetcorn, and any other vegetables of your choice)

3 cups sliced mixed peppers (red, yellow, green peppers)

2 Onions (sliced)

1 clove of Garlic (chopped)

2 bouillion cubes ( I use maggi cubes)

1-2 tablespoon Curry powder

1 teaspoon Coriander

1 teaspoon thyme

1 cup (250ml) Coconut milk or 1 cup of water or chicken broth

2 tablespoon Corn flour or Plain flour

Cubed or Shredded grilled Chicken

1/4 cup Liver (optional)

1 cooking spoon vegetable or sunflower oil



1) Heat the oil in a pot, add the garlic and onions and stir for 1-2minutes


2) Add the mixed peppers and stir in with the onions and garlic.


3) Add the coriander, thyme and curry powder. Stir for another two minutes for the spices to release its flavours.


4) Add the coconut milk or water, stock cube and bring the sauce to the boil.


One of the reasons why this dish is forgiving is that you can substitute water for coconut milk. I’ve done this many times and still get very good result.


5) Add  chicken, the mixed vegetables and salt to taste and then lower the heat and simmer gently for 10 minutes.

Vegetable Chicken Curry

6) Mix 2 tablespoons of corn flour with about 20ml of water in a cup and add to the sauce. This thickens the sauce and makes it creamy. Leave to cook simmer for another minute.

Note: I like my vegetable chicken curry thick and creamy. If you prefer it with more juice and not as thick add more coconut milk or water than i did in this recipe.



See how colourful and creamy the curry is?  Delicious.

7) Take off heat and Vegetable chicken curry is ready to eat.

Serve with rice. You can also serve with pasta, yam, potatoes, plantain or have it as a stand alone meal.



Vegetable chicken curry and rice

Vegetable chicken curry

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