Corned beef sauce

Corned beef stew is my favourite sauce for eating yam anyday. Growing up, Yam with corned beef stew was Sunday breakfast menu. It is easy to make, delicious and nutritious. This stew is best eaten with yam. You can also have it with bread, plantain and pasta.

corned beef sauce


3 scotch bonnet

1 bell pepper

400g tin of plum tomatoes

1 brown onion

2 cooking spoons sunflower oil

2 maggi cubes

340g corned beef



Blend the scotch bonnets, bell pepper, tomatoes and onion. You can blend peppers in a combination that suits you. What you need is about 800ml of blended pepper.

Put sunflower oil in a pot and set on the cooker to heat. When this heats up add the blended peppers and maggi cube. Leave to cook for 10minutes.


The pepper would by now be thick in consistency, add salt to taste, about 50ml of water and leave to cook for another five minutes.


Add the corned beef, stir in the stew and leave to cook for five minutes. Stir intermittently.


I use the canned corned beef. I also do not use condiments like curry, thyme, etc.

corned beef sauce

Corned beef sauce is ready. See? told you it’s easy 😊


6 thoughts on “Corned beef sauce”

  1. i have to try dis. but im lost which is scotch bonnet pepper? and is bell pepper ur regular tatashi (the local parlance in Nig)? also curious, y dont use curry or thyme?

    1. Ugochi, scotch bonnet is rodo and bell pepper is tatashe. The sizes and spicyness is different to Nija ones so I advise you blend combinations of pepper how u would normally. The recipe requires 800ml of blended pepper. It’s a personal preference that I don’t use curry and thyme for most of my home cooked meals. I use for party cookings though😊

      1. Hi K’s, I tried this on Sunday to substitute for our regular rice and mehnnnn……my hubby was wowed, he had to ask me what I did and where I learnt it from. Thanks alot…my kids esp. my 4yr old who rarely eats kept coming for more becos of the sauce…u rock!

      2. Welldone Juliet! good 2 hear it was a winner with your family.Will be posting different sauces and soups in the coming weeks and u can keep wooing ur hubby and kids😊

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