Ogi Zobo Trifle

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Last week i gave you a new Nigerian breakfast, Akara in a hole (Recipe HERE), today i am giving you a New Nigerian dessert and I call it Ogi Trifle.

So what is Ogi trifle? Let me start with what  trifle is for the benefit of those who are not familiar with it.

Trifle is an English dessert that is made up of atleast 3 main ingredients which are cake, custard and fruits. It is almost usually served at christmas and there are different variations of this dessert. I have created Nigerian trifle using 2 Nigerian food Ogi (pap) and Zobo. Dang! was it banging or what? oh yeah it was.

This dessert is quick to make if you have the cake made beforehand. You can use home made cake or if that’s too much trouble buy from the stores.

Valentine is coming up and if you are dining in and have been thinking of what to make for dessert then give this yummy creation a try. Let’s do this:

Ogi Trifle


Sponge Cake (Recipe HERE)

Fruits- raspberry, strawberries (I used frozen summer fruits)

Zobo syrup or Jam

Ogi (Pap)

Double cream or whipped cream


1) Prepare the ogi and leave to chill. Don’t forget to sweeten with sugar.


2) Cut Sponge cake in cubes


3) In a dessert glass, trifle bowl or any glass cup arrange the sponge cakes at the bottom of the glass


Then top with the fruits and zobo syrup


4) Followed by the chilled sweetened ogi


5) Then whipped cream and top with  fruits.


That’s it done. Enjoy the sweetness called Ogi Zobo trifle.

Ogi Zobo trifle

That’s a New Nigerian dessert by K’s Cuisine. Enjoy

Ogi Trifle

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Zobo Chapman Slush…When Zobo meets Chapman

This is another Zobo recipe and I have more coming your way. Today’s recipe is Zobo slush or should I call it Zobo chapman slush? A combination of zobo and chapman this recipe is a winner. If you like chapman and zobo you will love this as you get to have both in one :).  Last year, I posted a tropical slush recipe HERE. I have simply adapted that process to make Zobo slush. Let’s go:

zobo slush

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Freezing time: 6 hours

Total time: 6 hours 5 minutes


Zobo drink (Recipe HERE)

Chapman (Recipe HERE)


1) Put Zobo drink in a freezer safe container and freeze for atleast 6 hours


2) Take out frozen zobo. Using ice cream scoop, scoop into a cup Zobo Slush I left the zobo for days in the freezer so it was rock solid. All I did was leave out for about 30 minutes to thaw a bit so I could scrape and scoop into cup

3) Add chapman into the zobo. This reacts with zobo and slush is formed. IMG_6839 4) Stir the drink


5) Insert one or two straws and enjoy.

zobo slush

I paired with Club Sandwich below. For club sandwich recipe, click HERE

Club sandwich

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Zobo Popsicles

We are still on summer refreshment because the temperature is soaring like that in the UK. Just yesterday it was so hot that I could barely function. I mean I love summer and all but yesterday was a bit much for me as I was in the kitchen performing chef duties as usual.

So yesterday, I posted my recipe for Zobo drink, today I am posting recipe for zobo popsicles which is a fun way of enjoying zobo drink. Zobo popsicles are as simple as using popsicles mould and it is a winner with everyone especially with the kids. Let’s go:

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Freezing time: 6 hours

Total time: 6hrs 5 minutes

You will need

Popsicle mould

Zobo drink (Click HERE for zobo drink recipe)



1) Wash popsicle mould with warm water and pour in zobo drink, insert the stick and freeze for at least 6 hours.

zobo popsicles

2) Brig the mould out of the freezer and carefully remove the popsicles from the mould


K’s Cuisine tip: To easily remove popsicle from mould, run warm water on mould

That’s Zobo popsicles done. Enjoy it on hot summer days or anytime you feel like.


It was so good and refreshing. My kids enjoyed it and kept asking for more and more.

Below is a picture of my dd1 (dearest daughter 1) enjoying Zobo popsicles..


and dd2 enjoying Zobo popsicles..



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Zobo drink

I remember posting zobo drink picture over eight weeks ago on my instagram page with the caption “Zobo drink recipe up on the blog later today”. I wanted to re share recipe yesterday and I couldn’t find it only for me to realise I never did publish it eight weeks ago! It’s been sitting in my drafts all the time! I need me a PA now for real. Too many things to do and so little time…Anyway, today is a good time to publish the recipe as it’s so hot in London right now and I must have had more than a litre of this awesome drink today 🙂

Zobo drink is a favourite drink in Nigeria  ìt is also known as sorrel drink or roselle. It is said to have health benefits, I love how its easy to prepare and how refreshing it is. Find below how I prepare mine.

zobo Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 35 minutes

Total time: 40 minutes


Zobo leaves

Fresh whole pineapple or 1 litre 100% percent Pineapple juice

1 Orange (cut up)

Ginger  (grated)

Sugar (optional)

Cucumber and orange to garnish (Optional)


1) Wash zobo leaves with warm water


2) Add the  zobo leaves in a pot and pour in 2.5 litres of water.


3) Add in the grated ginger, orange cut up and pineapple cut up


Here I used orange cut up and pineapple juice from concentrate

IMG_64314) Cover pot and leave to boil for 30 minutes



5) Add sugar, give it a good stir and  leave to cool.


6) Sieve through a fine mesh and chill in the fridge.


7) Serve and garnish with orange and cucumber (optional)

zobo drink

That’s zobo all done.


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