Vegetable Beef Stew

Hello Kfam, As requested by you on my instagram page, here is the recipe for Vegetable Beef Stew. This recipe like all my recipes is easy to make, with easy to find ingredients, fuss free, healthy and delicious. So here we go guys, let’s cook:

Vegetable Beef stew


750g Beef 

1 red pepper (diced)

1 yellow pepper (diced)

1 green bell pepper (diced)

3 medium Carrot (sliced)

1 Brown Onion (diced)

2 Cloves Garlic (chopped)

1 Scotch bonnet (chopped)

1-2 teaspoon K’s Cuisine Cameroon pepper

1 tablespoon K’s Cuisine Multipurpose Seasoning

1 teaspoon thyme

3 Maggi Cubes (stock cubes)

Few leaves fresh Coriander or 1 teaspoon ground Coriander


1 Cooking Spoon Sunflower Oil

2-3 cups Beef Stock or Cooking Wine

2 tablespoon Cornflour

Cabbage and any other vegetables of choice (Optional)



1) Cut the beef into small cubed bite size pieces. Rinse, drain and season with 2 stock Cubes, salt, Multipurpose Seasoning, thyme, garlic and ginger.  Leave in the fridge to Marinate for atleast 30 minutes

You can do this in a bowl, ziplock bag or freezer bag. Make sure the beef is well seasoned

Beef stew

2) While leaving the beef to marinate, prepare the peppers, Onion, Carrots and other vegetables ready

Vegetable Beef stew

3) Add Sunflower Oil in a pan, add the beef and brown the sides. This takes about 3-4minutes

Beef Stew

4) Add in onion, garlic, scotch bonnet, cameroon pepper, half of the diced peppers, Carrot.

The other half will be added towards the end for some crunch. If you don’t like crunchy, add all in at this stage

Vegetable Beef stew

5) Add the beef broth or Wine. Cover and leave to cook on low heat for 15 – 20minutes

I used beef broth on this occassion

Vegetable Beef sauce

6) Add in the other half of the peppers, coriander, taste for seasoning and adjust accordingly and leave to cook for another 5 minutes.

Bewf stew

7) Mix Cornflour with water,  add the mixture into the stew to thicken and get creamy, healthy delicious vegetable beef stew.

Beef Stew

8) Take off heat and enjoy with rice, pasta, yam, plantain, on it’s own or with any meal of choice

Bon appetit

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Minced Meat Sauce

Hello K’s Cuisine Family, As promised on Instagram that I will post this recipe before the new year I just have to quickly do it today as the new year 2017 is only but few hours away! Whoop whoop! I’m so excited about the new year. Can’t wait!

Let me quickly blog this minced meat recipe before I get carried away with some other things. So let’s go:

Minced meat Sauce


500g minced beef

1 brown onion (chopped)

1 garlic clove (chopped)

Blended Pepper (mix of 400g plum tomatoes, 1 bell pepper , 1 Scotch bonnet and 1 onion)

1/2 teaspoon K’s Cuisine Multipurpose Seasoning

1 Cooking spoon Sunflower Oil

2 Stock Cubes


Chopped Mixed Vegetables ( Carrot, peas, sweetcorn)


1) Heat Oil in a pot, sautée the chopped onion and garlic and add the minced meat. Leave meat to brown


2) When the meat is browned, add K’s Cuisine Multipurpose Seasoning. Add the Blended pepper, beef broth or water, stock cube and bring the sauce to cook for 15-20 minutes on low heat.




3) After the 15-20 minutes when the sauce is beginning to thicken, check for seasoning adjust accordingly and add the mixed vegetables. Simmer for 5 minutes and take off heat. Minced meat Sauce is ready.


Easy peasy!

Enjoy with Spaghetti, any type of pasta, potatoes, yam, etc.

Minced meat Sauce

Bon appetit!

Minced meat sauce

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See you in 2017!

Much Love,


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Grilled Catfish

I’m back!

Hello all, it’s been a minute I posted on here. How have you all been? I have actually been active on my social media pages and those of you that follow my pages wouldn’t have missed much.

Anyway today’s post is my recipe for grilled Catfish which I shared on my instagram page sometime ago.

My grilled Catfish recipe is simple easy steps as with most of my recipes yet superb outcome. You can apply the recipe to other types of Fish. Let’s Cook:

Grilled Catfish


3 Whole Catfish

3 tbspn K’s Cuisine Multipurpose Seasoning

3 tbspn K’s Cuisine Suya Spice

2 tbspn sunflower or vegetable oil

1 stock cube


Moin Moin leaves or Foil


1) Clean and gut the Catfish. Leave to drain then make punctures in the fish (or slash) with knife.


2) Line oven dish or tray with moin moin leaves and arrange the fish on it.

Grilled Catfish


3) Season Fish generously with K’s Cuisine Multipurpose Seasoning. Cover with leaves or foil and leave in the fridge to Marinate for 60 minutes.

Grilled Catfish

3) Bring Fish out of the fridge , sprinkle with K’s Cuisine Suya spice and Sunflower Oil then grill in the oven at 150C for 60 minutes or till done.


Step 5 is Optional

5) Bring Fish out, top with Hot Pepper Sauce. Return back in the oven uncovered and grill for another 5 minutes. Bring out and top with more hot sauce.

Grilled Catfish

Enjoy fish with any side of choice. We had it with chips in the picture below 🙂

Bon appetit

Grilled Catfish

Note : Moin Moin leaves or Banana leaves gives unique flavour. It was super delicious.

Till my next post, stay blessed.



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Asun (spicy smoked goat meat)

Hello Kfam,

Today’s recipe is for Asun. Asun is very spicy smoked goat meat. It is traditionally prepared over open fire (grill) then sautéed in hot pepper and spices. This delicacy can be served as appetiser, main meal or snack.

Asun is prepared with goat meat with skin on but for those of us who live abroad and do not get goat with skin on you can also use the one without. Also the meat can be grilled in oven in the absence of open fire. Follow my recipe to making flavor packed asun. Let’s cook:



1kg Goat meat

3 scotch bonnet (red, green and yellow)

1 Onion

2 stock cubes



1) Wash the goat meat and put in a pot. Season with 1 stock cube  and salt and boil


K’s Cuisine tip: Do not add water to boil the goat meat. Boil on very low heat so the water that comes from the meat doesn’t dry up too quick.

2) When the goat meat is cooked soft increase the heat and let the stock dry up with the meat


Tip: This ensures all flavour from the goat meat is retained.

3) When the water dries up you should get a bit of fat from the goat meat settle in the pot. Keep this aside.


4) Cut the goat meat in bite size, pour in oven tray and grill in the oven.


5) Rough blend the peppers and onion. You can use food processor for this.


You can use just red scotch bonnet. I prefer the 3 for colours and flavor 

6) In a wok, add the oil from the goat meat then add the rough blended peppers. Pour in the grilled goat meat and sautéed for a minute or two.



7) Taste for seasoning and adjust accordingly.


That’s Asun ready


Serve and enjoy


This can be eaten as starter or main meal


Bon appetit


Don’t forget to leave feedback when you have tried the recipe.

spicy goat meat

See you on my next post,



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Ogi Zobo Trifle

Hello Fam. Hope your week is going great.

Last week i gave you a new Nigerian breakfast, Akara in a hole (Recipe HERE), today i am giving you a New Nigerian dessert and I call it Ogi Trifle.

So what is Ogi trifle? Let me start with what  trifle is for the benefit of those who are not familiar with it.

Trifle is an English dessert that is made up of atleast 3 main ingredients which are cake, custard and fruits. It is almost usually served at christmas and there are different variations of this dessert. I have created Nigerian trifle using 2 Nigerian food Ogi (pap) and Zobo. Dang! was it banging or what? oh yeah it was.

This dessert is quick to make if you have the cake made beforehand. You can use home made cake or if that’s too much trouble buy from the stores.

Valentine is coming up and if you are dining in and have been thinking of what to make for dessert then give this yummy creation a try. Let’s do this:

Ogi Trifle


Sponge Cake (Recipe HERE)

Fruits- raspberry, strawberries (I used frozen summer fruits)

Zobo syrup or Jam

Ogi (Pap)

Double cream or whipped cream


1) Prepare the ogi and leave to chill. Don’t forget to sweeten with sugar.


2) Cut Sponge cake in cubes


3) In a dessert glass, trifle bowl or any glass cup arrange the sponge cakes at the bottom of the glass


Then top with the fruits and zobo syrup


4) Followed by the chilled sweetened ogi


5) Then whipped cream and top with  fruits.


That’s it done. Enjoy the sweetness called Ogi Zobo trifle.

Ogi Zobo trifle

That’s a New Nigerian dessert by K’s Cuisine. Enjoy

Ogi Trifle

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Akara in a hole

Hello Kfam, how are you all doing?

It’s so cold in London and I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.You know the type of day when you just want to stay under the duvet and sleep all day? Yeah one of those days but then a girl’s gotta to do what a girl’s gotta do right? So here i am at the restaurant working hard and hustling my passion and making this post.

So on today’s recipe, As I was about to write this post I deliberated on what name to call this. Akara in a hole? Bird’s nest Akara? Akara hole? Akara toast? Toasted akara in bread? Then i thought oh shoot..It really doesn’t matter what i call it, i just want to give you the recipe so you can make it and enjoy it! I decided to call it Akara in a hole.

So what is Akara in a hole? Akara in a hole is a new Nigerian breakfast developed by yours truly. It’s very easy to make, you can make it as healthy as you like, it’s quick and delicious. It is toasted bread and healthy akara all in one piece, no mess, no fuss, looks appealing and above all practical!

So fam, here is another K’s Cuisine original recipe. Let’s Cook:

Akara in a hole


Akara batter (Recipe HERE)

Sliced bread

Butter or Sunflower oil

Basil (Optional)


1) Place sliced bread on a board or plate and using a cookie cutter make a hole in the centre.

You can use any shape of cutter. I decided to use heart shape


2) Rub the pan with One or two teaspoons of oil and place the bread on it


3) Scoop Akara batter in the hole and leave to cook for atleast 40 seconds before attempting to move the bread so as to avoid making a mess of it.


4) Move it around and flip over to cook the other side

Akara in a basket

5) Akara in the hole is ready. There you have Toasted bread and Akara in one. How cool is that?

Akara in a hole

I cut into two so you can see how the bread is well toasted and Akara is well cooked? Super yum!


You can put butter on the toast when warm and enjoy with a cup of tea, coffee and juice!

Akara in a hole

Say hello to a new Nigerian breakfast the K’s Cuisine way. Oh it doesn’t have to be for just breakfast, It can go for Lunch and dinner too.

Bird nest Akara

Bon appetit.

Extra Notes

For healthier option use brown bread

Let’s not forget the cut out part. Toast and enjoy. Nothing goes to waste.

You can apply extra butter on the toast after it’s done. Apply while toast is still warm.

You can achieve in waffle maker and toaster.

For extra flavours add basil and peppers in the akara batter just like I did in the picture below.


That’s it from me today. Don’t forget to feedback and tag me in your pictures when you try it. I am on instagram and twitter as @kscuisine.

See you in my next post.




Microwave Mug Moin Moin

Hello K fam and Cands, how are you all doing? Today i am giving you a recipe with super quick cooking time. It’s microwave mug moin moin! Oh yes we changing the moin moin game.

It’s no doubt moin moin takes time from start to finish. From peeling beans, to blending, mixing, wrapping in leaves and then the cooking time! It is a labour of love no doubt😁. Years ago i gave you the super fast method of peeling beans with blender (HERE) and today i’m giving you a super fast method of cooking moin moin. Let’s Cook:

microwave mug moin moin


Moin Moin batter (check HERE)


Boiled Eggs (sliced)

Mackerel (boiled and deboned)


1) Get all ingredients ready. To peel beans for moin moin batter using blender click HERE, For recipe for moin moin batter click HERE.

So, u have the batter mixed and ready

IMG_20662) Pour batter into mugs


3) Add eggs, mackerel and vegetables


You can also use any microwave safe bowl. Like below i used plastic containers but then they will be called microwave moin moin😂


4) Cover moin moin filled mug with a microwave safe lid, put in the microwave and initially cook on defrost setting using weight defrost at 20g for 3-4 minutes then switch to microwave setting for another 2 minutes. It takes about 5 minutes in total but depending on microwave model and size of mug cooking timer may slightly vary.

microwave cooked moin moin

5) Microwave moin moin is ready.

microwave moin moin

Just take a look at that…Cooked in out, moist and fluffy! I used a big mug so one mug was enough for one person

IMG_2140 I did some by steaming on stove top. I kid you not we had finished dinner and it must have started digesting before the stove top one was done!

mug moin moin

That’s it from me today. Don’t forget to tag me in your pictures when you try the recipe. Also please repost and share on Facebook,  instagram and other social media pages.



Suya Noodles Stir Fry

Hello and happy new year!

Few days ago on January 4th 2016 K’s Cuisine celebrated 2 years. A big thank you for all the congratulatory messages on my instagram and facebook page. Like i wrote in the post you all are the success story and i appreciate the likes, feedbacks, comments, reposts, shares, prayers and promotions. Thank you.

First recipe this year is Suya noodles stir fry.This recipe is quick, simple and as with all my developed recipe,  practical!

Let’s cook guys

Suya noodles stir fry

Preparation time: 4 minutes ( when suya already made)

Cooking time: 6 minutes

Total time: 10 minutes


Beef cut (For suya)

K’s Cuisine Suya Spice (For suya)

1 Red Bell pepper ( cut)

1 Green bell pepper (cut)

1 medium Orange coloured pepper (

1 Onion (Sliced)

1 big Carrot (diced)


2 packs Noodles- I used indomie

2 tablespoons sunflower oil

Soy sauce

1 stock cube


1) Get all ingredients ready. Suya was made using the K’s Cuisine Suya spice. You can purchase that HERE and for homemade suya recipe click HERE. When you have suya ready proceed to step 2 below


2) In a pan or wok, add 2 tablespoons sunflower oil and add the sliced onions. stir for a minute


2) Add the cut red, green and orange peppers, vegetables and toss around for 2 minutes


3) Add coriander, stock cube, and then suya.


4) On a seperate burner put water in a pot add noodles and leave to boil for 2 minutes.


5) Drain the water, add the seasoning and a teaspoon of oil to prevent the noodles from sticking together


6) Now pour the noodles in the stir fry. Stir fry for a minute or two and take off heat.


7) Suya noodles stir fry is best served warm.

noodles stir fry

You can be sure of nutrients with the vegetables and protein from suya. You can use this recipe for chicken suya noodle stir fry, you can also Substitute noodles with rice or pasta.

Suya noodles stir fry

It’s quick, it’s delicious, it’s nutritious. It’s a winner! Bon appetit.

suya noodles stir fry

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Happy new year Once again. May this be our best year yet.


K’s Cuisine Product Range

Hello K fam,  How are you all doing? I am well and hope you are too.

I am happy to announce to you that I am finally launching the K’s Cuisine range! I have been working on this for many months and few weeks ago i revealed the plan to my friends on facebook and instagram fans. I took my time on this and i can tell you it took detailed planning over many months. I am glad to be finally making this post to inform you.

What are these products you may ask. These products ranges from spice and seasonings to cakes and bakes. The aim is to bring quality and affordable spice and seasonings to your kitchen. The products are tried and tested and involved painstakingly developing the perfect recipe. Among the products launched are the K’s Cuisine Bakes which include K’s Cuisine Scotch bonnet Cake and Chinchin and K’s Cuisine Spice and Seasoning range consisting of Suya Spice, Peppersoup spice, Nigerian Soup seasoning, Bay leaves, Curry powder and Jollof Seasoning.

K's Cuisine Spice Range

Our Products also comes in refill packs. Same great products, lesser packaging to save you money.


These products have been carefully produced and packaged to high standard. All ingredients are carefully sourced and only the freshest ingredients used. They are produced under strict hygiene conditions and packaged to ensure it gets to you in very good condition. I do not compromise on quality and satisfaction is guaranteed with K’s Cuisine.

Where to buy these products? Where else to first launch sale of these products than where K’s Cuisine started? Oh Yes you can shop for K’s Cuisine products on this website. Just use the menu to navigate to ‘shop’ or type in in your browser. You can also buy at K’s Cuisine Nigerian restaurant at 664 greenlane, Goodmayes. London. Ig3 9rx.

Where else can you shop for these products aside from the website and K’s Cuisine restaurant? They will be available in afro carribean  shops in Essex and some parts of London and as time goes on more distribution nationwide. Will be sure to keep you informed.

Thank you for your support, encouragement and prayers and I am looking forward to your continued support as K’s Cuisine take another step into serving you better, and working towards being your one stop place for culinary solutions.

In appreciation of how awesome you all have been I am giving away free K’s Cuisine Bay leaves with any order of K’s Cuisine Spice or seasoning. Keep the Orders rolling in fam.

Thank you and lots of love from

K’s Cuisine team

Fish Peppersoup

Hello everyone, how are you doing?

So it’s getting colder in the UK and some other parts of the world and as I have not put up a recipe for fish peppersoup, this is the right time to do so as fish peppersoup is one soup that soothes cold, flu and most winter ailment.

Fish pepper soup is a light soup that is spicy and delicious which is usually served at Nigerian restaurants and bars .

Fish peppersoup is traditionally cooked with catfish and also reffered to as point and kill peppersoup but you can use other types of fresh fish. I have used catfish for this recipe. Let’s cook:

Fish peppersoup

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Cooking time: 20 minutes

Total time: 50 minutes


Fresh fish (I used catfish here)

2 tablespoon pepper soup spice

1 tablespoon cayenne pepper

1 yellow scotch bonnet

1 red scotch bonnet

Scent leaves or Basil

2 stock cubes

1 tablespoon grounded crayfish



1) Wash the fish and cut if you prefer


I cut up some and left one whole

2) Season with stock cubes, pepper soup spice and salt. Leave to marinate for 30 minutes


3) Add about a litre of water then add in cayenne pepper and leave to cook for 15 minutes


4) Add in scent leaves or Basil and grounded crayfish

catfish peppersoup

5) Then the chopped scotch bonnet and yellow pepper. Leave to cook for another 5 minutes


Catfish pepper soup is ready

Catfish peppersoup


Fish peppersoup

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pepper soup

Stay blessed x

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